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The idea behind the Unslung-able is to provide extra functionality missing in Unslung-standard, without breaking compatibility with existing Linksys software. Think of Unslung-able as more able than the standard image.

Implemented changes

Disable support for multiple LUNs.

The standard software only allows one drive per port. Any enclosures with multiple LUNs, such as X'S Drive II, end up appearing with only the last LUN attached. This is because as each LUN is found, the previous LUN attached by that device is dettached and the new one attached in it's place.
The Unslung-able kernel will not iterate through all the LUNs, instead it will only attach the first one. This behaviour is prefered, because by convention the main function of a device appears at the first LUN. In the case of the X'S Drive II, the HDD will be attached, instead of the usually empty memory stick slot.

Add support for AppleTalk.

The standard Linksys kernel does not provide support for the AppleTalk DDP stack. We provide this as a set of modules; appletalk, ipddp, ipddp_encap, and ipddp_decap. This is meant to be used in conjunction with a user-space applications such as netatalk.

Planned changes

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