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Comparing performance in between differnt plattforms is a difficult task, this is just a very basic aproach:

dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=1024 count= => creates a file of 10 MByte

time bzip2 test => compresses test to 49 Bytes

  • Time needed on Slug: 12s
  • AMD K6 550 MHz: 3,1s
  • AMD XP2400+, 2 GHz: 1,6s
  • VIA Ezra 800 MHz: 3,7s

This test only requires integer arithmetics, if floating point operations would have to be simulated, the results for the slug would be poorer. To summarize it: The performance is about 5..10% of a performant PC-system, but for many applications this is more than enougth.

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Originally by Dietmar Zlabinger.
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