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The information on this page is obsolete, and could potentially render your Unslung NSLU2 inoperable.

You can find up-to-date information about installing Unslung on a USB flash disk at Ext3flash.

To have a USB Flash disk for your root file system, you need a flash drive with partition 2 formatted ext3, and a kernel that recognizes ext3 on a flash drive. You do not need any other partitions on the flash. I have used version 1.1 and 1.3 ext3flash images with the flash drive plugged into USB-2.

  • If you are booting from flash and are not using the web server or samba, you can protect your /etc config files from boot damage by disabling bootbin.
  1. Boot with the flash disconnected.
  2. Use the network tool to configure the nslu2.
  3. Set your password.
  4. Plugin the flashdisk and wait for it to mount.
  5. /sbin/unsling.
  6. Modify your rc.1 diversion script and comment out the lines that runs rc.bootbin and rc.reset_usrgrpshare.
  7. Add a line to run /sbin/ifup in place of the lines you just disabled.
    Now booting will not change your configuration. If you need to make changes, repeat steps 1-5.
  • To disable writes to the flash drive add the following to the rc.local diversion script:
    mount -oremount,ro /dev/root /
  • Now you add some hints.
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