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This article pertains to:

  • Unslung 6.x only

I had a relatively simple one HDD setup running 5.5. Flashed the slug with 6.8, rebooted and was up and running without any problems...

I had to remove /share/flash/data/.unslung and unsling disk 2. After that I was up and running

I also had to remove /share/flash/data/.unslung and unsling disk 2. After that the upgrade went smooth. The only issue I came across was VSFTPD stopped working. After about 1/2 hour I look at my /etc/inetd.conf I found an entry for "bftpd", might be the linksys stock ftpd. So I backed up that file, edit removing "bftpd", leaving only the entry for VSFTPD, everything went smooth from there...thanks! ... csawh

Unslung 5.5 with two ext3 disks, disk1 is root, in-place upgrade.

Went to the HTTP admin page, Administration, Upgrade, Enter Upgrade Mode, OK.

Downloaded and built the upslug2 tool (needed cvs, gcc, make, autoconf, automake).

  $ export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.nslu.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/nslu  
  $ cvs login
  $ cvs -z3 co upslug2
  $ cd upslug2
  $ autoreconf -i
  $ ./configure
  $ make

Run upslug2 to find my SLUG.

  $ sudo ./upslug2
  LKG7D2044? 00:0f:66:7d:20:44 Product ID: 65535 Protocol ID:65535 Firmware Version: RFFVFF [0xFFFF]

Upgrade the SLUG with the 6.8 firmware.

  $ sudo ./upslug2 --target=00:0f:66:7d:20:44 --image=Unslung-6.8-beta.bin

After the upgrade and reboot, back to the HTTP admin page, Manage Telnet, Enable Telnet.

Telnet to the SLUG. Got this message indicating that the FLASH is now 6.8 but DISK is still 5.5.

  Welcome to Unslung V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.8-beta


  This system is currently running from the internal flash memory,
  it has NOT booted up into "unslung" mode from an external drive.

Removed 5.5 from disk1 and began the unsling process to disk1 (not disk2 because I have two ext3 disks)

  # rm /share/hdd/data/.unslung
  # unsling disk1

Be aware disk1 is /dev/sdb in 6.8, it was /dev/sda in 5.5. Now reboot.

  # reboot

The SLUG took a few minutes to restart but everything seems fine.

 -- nathanh

I followed nathanh's instructions, everything went fine, except that I cannot get upslug2 to compile from CVS ($ autoreconf -i ends with "configure.ac: 8: required file `./[config.h].in' not found"). I got it from the sourceforge files page.

 -- mongolito404

This error is caused by having an older version of automake. I go the error with automake 1.4. Using 1.8 said I needed 1.9. automake 1.9 works fine. -- tjor

I went straight from 4.30 to 6.80 without any major problems. I had to change the path settings (from hdd to flash and vice versa) within the passwd and smb.conf file. - NewMan?

I did the process according to nathanh to go from 5.5 to 6. Everything went fine, just one hint:

since my SLUG has not been booted in quite a while, after the first reboot it started to check the disk which took a couple of minutes. During this time the disk is mounted read only so no unslung can be done.

After the disk check was done, it automatically remounted the disks and I could run unsling without problems.

- chris

As have others, I also followed (with gratitude) nathanh's instructions without incident. The in-place upgrade went smoothly from a Powerbook running OS X (10.4.8) and Upslug2 installed via Fink (http://fink.sourceforge.net). Many thanks to both nathanh and Fink.


I hade no problems with direct upgrade. Firmware upgrade plus package upgrade, then set the management password on the web-gui once again, that's it. (But it did already work before the package upgrade).

IMHO the documentation on this site is much too verbose with too many disclaimers. It is hard to get the real facts out of all this ("you must first read 'this' and 'that' and '...'" --- no, not really! It is sometimes a useful link, but often not necessary, since most things work as expected).


Carefully followed the docs (it'd been a while since the first unslinging...) and all apparently fine - straight from v5.5 to 6.8, moving the disk from port 1 to port 2 in the process. Now to try an NTFS/EXT3 drive on port 1...


20081115 I performed almost exactly the same steps as nathanh. But I was only using 1 disk, not 2 disks. Also, my disk was running 4.x, so I had previously been using the disk in port #1. Following the new recommendations for 6.x, I moved the disk to port #2.

So when I did that, the steps for upgrading the disk were as follows.

  # rm /share/flash/data/.unslung
  # unsling disk2


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