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Unslung is one of the streams of replacement firmware for the NSLU2.

It is designed to allow you to expand the capabilities of your NSLU2, without losing the standard product functionality and still retain full compatibility with stock Linksys firmware.

If after applying the Unslung firmware you are unable to get your NSLU2 to boot (flashing green light for > 3 minutes with no beep), chances are that you did not follow the installation instructions correctly. The easiest way to recover is probably to re-install the Linksys firmware and then re-apply Unslung. Consult the HowTo page for instructions on how to Recover From A Bad Flash. Note that once you have flashed the Unslung firmware, you cannot use the web interface to install firmware -- see Unslung KnownProblems.

For answers to many other basic questions, please read the FAQ, as well as Unslung KnownProblems.

Latest Firmware : Unslung 6.x

The Unslung 6.x firmware is now considered to be stable, and binaries can be found at http://www.slug-firmware.net.

Unslung 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x and 5.x are deprecated as Unslung 6.x contains a true superset of features. Previous releases are unsupported and may have bugs that are only fixed in the latest beta release.

Unslung 6.x is based on the Linksys V2.3R63/A5 firmware. The major changes involve the addition of NTFS filesystem support and other storage device flexibility. A more complete list of new features in the Unslung 6.x firmware can be found listed at UnslungFeatures. Very detailed information on how the Linksys V2.3R63 firmware handles storage devices can be found at Unslung.R63DiskBehaviour.

Anyone installing Unslung 6.x must read both WhichUSBPortforUnslung6 and Unslung KnownProblems. Additional information for upgraders can be found at Upgrading to Unslung 6.x.

Download the latest Beta on the new website : http://www.slug-firmware.net

See Unslung release History.

Upgrading from 5.x to 6.x?

You must read Upgrading to Unslung 6.x before upgrading.

Unslung Features

Unslung has support for users with a USB flash disk (512MBor larger) for their root filesystem. See Ext3flash for more information.

There are also Downloadable Packages available for the Unslung firmware, known as Optware Packages. See UpgradeBusyBoxUsingIpkg for information on how to install them and the HowTo page for more tips. These packages work on the deprecated Unslung-1.x-beta, Unslung-2.x-beta, Unslung-3.x-beta and Unslung-4.x-beta firmwares, Unslung-5.x-beta firmwares, as well as the current Unslung-6.x firmware.

Unslung contains quite a few Linksys binary-only files. This means that the expandability of Unsling is somewhat limited. Developers should not expect to be able to change the functionality of the Linksys web interface, since the source code to the .cgi files is currently not available.

Future Unslung Versions

For feature requests for future Unslung versions, go to Unslung.FirmwareWishList.

How To Get Involved

The list of alpha and beta testers is here. Please add your entry to the list if you are beta testing.

Unslung is built using the OpenEmbedded build system. See the Development HomePage for details of how to build Unslung if you want to assist in its development.

Unslung alpha versions can be build by following the BuildingUnslungAlphaVersion instructions.

How was your experience installing the firmware? What are the things you wish you had known when installing it? The Friendly Documentation Project is working on making this process easier for new users. Drop by and contribute some ideas.

You can also contribute to the Wiki itself. There's always something going on...


For an overview of known Unslung firmware issues, go to Unslung KnownProblems.

Please report any problems with the firmware or packages to the nslu2-linux mailinglist.

Alternatives to Unslung

If you are looking to replace the firmware that comes with the NSLU2 with completely new custom firmware that has the latest Linux kernel, a new root filesystem, and new applications, and does not retain the standard NSLU2 product functionality and Web interface, then you should look at the SlugOS firmware instead.

Please note that SlugOS firmware is only suitable for users who have previously installed and administered Linux before.

ToDo's for Unslung

HowTo's for Unslung

See the Optware Packages area for information pages specific to particular packages.

See the HowTo Recipes area for more tips and techniques.