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Unslung Firmware Wish List

As a new version of the Unslung firmware is being developed, requests for future features can be put here. There are two conditions for adding something here:

  1. You must have tested it yourself first. This is not an end-user wishlist, it is a place where developers gather to get things into the next firmware release.
  2. You must be prepared to be "the" alpha tester for the specific firmware release which incorporates that new functionality.

You indicate your acceptance of these conditions by putting your name next to each entry that you add. Unsigned entries will be ignored.

Outstanding Items

  • Replace unslung's BSD-style ptys with a unix98 pty directory. This is needed for programs like xterm to work smoothly; it also removes an artificial limit on the number of users that can log in at once with ssh or telnet. It should be a backwards compatible change - glibc will detect the style of pty node in use at runtime and hide the differences from user code. To do this:
    • create /dev/ptmx (c 5 2, owned by root:root, mode 0666)
    • create a directory /dev/pts (root:root 0755)
    • have a startup script that does "mount -t devpts -o rw,gid=5,mode=620 none /dev/pts"
    • the /dev/ptyp? nodes can now be removed.
    -- jp30
    It appears that the code is all present in the kernel. The only thing lacking is a patch to the correct startup script to enable this -- and the most important part: someone who knows how to test this thoroughly. Send a email off to the nslu2-linux list if anyone is willing and able to help enable and test this feature. -mwester
  • Enable IPSec (Freeswan) in kernel. (haven't yet tried myself) -- bob_tm
    Anyone willing to help test this feature send a note off to the nslu2-linux list, and let's see if we can get this to happen. -mwester
  • Incorporate the scsi-idle project: http://packages.qa.debian.org/s/scsi-idle.html -- hilikus
    Attempts to add the 2.4 kernel patches into the Unslung kernel appeared to make things, well, not very stable (USB timeouts). This will need more work and according to the other information on this Wiki as well as the various lists, there's only a very small chance that it will work with a given drive anyway. -mwester

Wishes Granted in Unslung 6.8-beta

  • Enable wtmp logging by running touch /var/log/wtmp from a startup script. -- bob_tm
    /var/log/wtmp and /var/run/utmp are created at unsling time now. -mwester
  • Have /sbin/unsling set the root password on the newly-unslung disk to uNSLUng, and make it 'stick'. Or even better, make the unslinging process interactively prompt the user to set a new root password of their choice (for the disk). Either way, this makes the unslinging process simpler for everyone, and means we can login with disks attached without having to first find HowTo.ChangePasswordsFromTheCommandLine . This would remove a significant hurdle for newbies. -- MinorRoadsKill?
    Done. Agreed - this should really help newbies out (and the not-so-newbies who also find the password handling confusing, but won't admit it!) -mwester
  • Directly provide Samba 3 instead of Samba 2 -- nick
    Linksys R63 (basis for Unslung 6.x) upgraded to Samba 3. -mwester
  • Provide the loop.o module and losetup (losetup possibly via busybox).
  • Provide the isofs.o module (together with loop.o, allows mounting of ISO cd images).
  • Incorporate the pl2303.c patch to enable support of newer pl2303 serial devices (this patch is not in the native Linksys R63 source yet). -- mwester
    The loop.o and isofs.o modules are now part of the standard build. The patches for the pl2303 device are included. The losetup utility is not in the feeds for unslung; it's actually not needed since the mount command understands how to set up a loop-back mount. -mwester
    The losetup utility is not needed to mount a filesystem image, but it IS needed, if you want to mount a partition from a disk image or more importantly if you want to set up a swap partition from a file. (You have to do that, if said file is in an NFS mounted dir, as swapon don't allow using a swapfile over NFS.) -bundas
    Using a file on nfs through a loop device isn't a good solution to do swapping over nfs. The real problem with this is that nfs transfers require memory. The reason to swap is that there isn't memory. So there are many potential deadlocks with this setup. There is a patch(approve sites) to enable nfs swapping. If we want to support this we should use this patch

Not Granted or Not Applicable to Firmware

  • Install the package rsync so the hdd1 to hdd2 backup is functional. -- KrustyTheClown?
    This is available via ipkg; there's just no room in the flash for prepackaging rsync. -mwester
  • Increase read/write speed for network connections to samba -- maniac
    See other parts of the wiki and the list archives for many discussions around performance. -mwester
  • Replace the samba 3.0.11 package with a package later than 3.0.16 so that samba will actually work with my network browser gui - something to do with Extended Attributes not being supported in samba 3.0.11.
    If you have tested this yourself (see above for rules for this page), please commit the patches. Otherwise, the WishList is a better place to post requests for enhancements
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