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This article pertains to:

  • Unslung 6.x only

This method worked perfect for me, no problem.

Clean start, how can this go wrong! :-) Worked perfectly, now it's time to get those packages back...

Jan / Germany - Speedmodded Slug running 5.5beta Clean Start 'Upgrade' worked as expected. Originally did an in place upgrade to see how that is working and had only some minor glitches that were fixed in a matter of minutes. However I wanted my drive to become Fat32 formatted so I eventually had to wipe the drive and reload from scratch. Currently adding packages. If you would like to read about the in place upgrade head over to http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Unslung/InPlaceUpgradeExperiences

Bart / Belgium - from 5.5beta to 6.8beta Clean Start 'Upgrade' worked as expected. I was suprised to see that my old IP was still there as I had made all preparations for '', but this was not needed. thx!

Mike B/California Did a Clean Start from a 5.5beta to a 6.8beta..saw the same problems with the Sercomm upgrade tool under XP. Re-ran from scratch with Administrator rights.Firmware flashed OK..Everything functioning OK.

dbh Quick, no problems.

    First upgraded to v23r63, then unslung 6.10.

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Based on work by Mike B, Bart, Jan, Eddie, and janne5011.
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