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Note: Unslung 6.10-beta is not considered an upgrade to Unslung 6.8-beta. There are no significant changes that would justify an upgrade, and there is no specific support for upgrading from Unslung 6.8-beta to Unslung 6.10-beta. Upgrade information from 5.5-beta to 6.8-beta applies to upgrading from 5.5-beta to 6.10-beta as well.

Changes from Unslung 6.8-beta to Unslung 6.10-beta

Bugfixes and Minor Changes:

NLS CodepagesCodepage 850 is now built-in, diversion script for added codepages no longer necessary
Samba CodepagesMoved to a separate package for ease of maintenance
Slingbox SupportMinor syntax corrections to Linksys scripts
SecurityDisable ourtelnetrescueuser account entirely
DocumentationReplace firmware upgrade web page
Format FixChange mkfs.ext3 to work around odd Linksys GUI bug
Space Recoveryremove duplicate date binaries
Root AccountCreated home directory for root
Cleanup /varSelected cleanup of /var at boot
Boot DelayDisk wait time in early bootup increased for large disks
CompletionTab-completion turned on for built-in shell
Utilities"more", "dos2unix", "unix2dos" utilities added

Internal Features:

Boot-time DiagnosticsSpecial feature enables netconsole and nc to direct console and startup script output to the network for diagnosing bootup and startup failures, in the absense of a serial console.
BootdiskSpecial feature automatically executes scripts on FAT-formatted devices at boot-time in order to provide diagnostics, recovery, or automation
Slingbox fdiskAddition of a fully-functional "fdisk" utility to the firmware

Packages removed:

PackageReason for removal
cpioMoved into slingbox (to save flash space)
findutilsMoved into slingbox (to save flash space)
busybox 0.60 (Linksys)Superceded by Slingbox
resling, slingoverObsolete

Packages added:

PackageReason for addition
kernel-module-netconsoleboot-time diagnostic feature
rc.bootdiskboot-time execution feature

Packages changed:

PackageUnslung 6.8-beta versionUnslung 6.10-beta versionComments

Should you upgrade from Unslung 6.8-beta to 6.10-beta?

The answer is "probably not, unless you're having specific problems with Unslung 6.8-beta".

Anyone installing Unslung from scratch should always use the latest version (in this case, Unslung 6.10-beta). Anyone running Unslung 5.5-beta (or an earlier version) is encouraged to upgrade, since we don't support that version any more.

If you already have Unslung 6.8-beta installed, unslung to an external hard disk, and running happily, then there is no real reason for you to go through the hassle of upgrading the firmware on the internal flash.

As noted above, the changes between Unslung 6.8-beta and Unslung 6.10-beta are mostly about improving the installation and recovery experience.

There are no new normal-run-time user-visible features.

The kernel has not changed, so there is no new hardware support. If a device didn't work on Unslung 6.8-beta, then it still won't work on Unslung 6.10-beta (and it's very likely that it will *never* work on the Unslung firmware, since the kernel is effectively frozen).

The Linksys binaries have not changed, and there are no changes to the web interface (except the removal of the non-working web upgrade page).

There are no performance improvements. The same optware packages will run on either 6.8-beta to 6.10-beta, and will run with exactly the same features and performance. Optware will continue to support 6.8-beta and 6.10-beta equally well into the future.

However, if you have not been able to get Unslung 6.8-beta to be able to boot from an external hard disk, then you might want to give 6.10-beta a try, as we have increased the disk wait time in early bootup to support large disks that take longer to initialize. In fact, if you haven't been able to get 6.8-beta to work, then we recommend trying again with 6.10-beta and then reporting the failure on the mailing list.

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