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Home Page: http://barracudadrive.com(approve sites)

BarracudaDrive is a secure application server with an integrated scripting language, database engine, WebDAV server, Web File Manager, tiny SSL server, HTTPS tunnel, and various SLL VPN clients for the HTTPS tunnel.

BarracudaDrive, or BD for short, is a product developed by using the Barracuda Embedded Web Server SDK and is well suited for running on the NSLU2.

  • NOTE BarracudaDrive is no longer available for Unslung. The new version is only available for SlugOS BE. See the following for a tutorial on how to install BD for the SlugOS: SlugOS for dummies(approve sites)

For (Web Application) Developers

The SQLite? database engine and the Lua scripting language are integrated into the BarracudaDrive server. The server supports what is known as Lua Server Pages (LSP). BarracudaDrive LSP applications are deployed as standard ZIP files. The ZIP files, which are in the "applications" sub directory, are loaded, mounted as read only file systems, and started by the application server. The integrated scripting language LSP is similar to how ASP and PHP works. The server can also load "non deployed" applications. The "non deployed" LSP are compiled on demand just like PHP and ASP pages are compiled.

Developers can customize and write their own applications by using the integrated LSP engine. The integrated database engine makes it possible to create configuration less database powered applications such as the CMS. The server also includes Bindows, a "zero-footprint" Rich Internet WEB 2.0 Application framework. Database and AJAX powered WEB 2.0 applications such as the included Electronic Bulletin Board can easily be developed using the BarracudaDrive application server.

See the LSP documentation for more information: http://barracudadrive.com/LuaServerPages.lsp(approve sites)

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Based on work by Wilfred, MicRo, Ken, and bdguru.
Originally by GemNEye.
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