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The state of UcSlugC development

UcSlugC is currently only available using the core monotone source control system - for more details see the NSLU2-Linux Development home page.

The current monotone head does not generate an image for use with UpSlug - this is to avoid the need to download any proprietary LinkSys firmware. Instead you must use UpSlug2 to flash the NSLU2 - this new upload program allows an NSLU2 to be flashed using separate kernel and rootfs images.

It is also possible to copy the rootfs.jffs2 and zImage-openslug generated by the build to your NSLU2 and supply these as arguments to the reflash command.

The current UcSlugC is a very minimal derivative of OpenSlug. Version 1 used standard ARM compilation for the lowest level system libraries. Version 2 uses Thumb compilation (a 16 bit encoding of a subset of the full ARM instruction set). This reduces code size to maybe 80% of the 32 bit (ARM) size and this helps make more efficient use of the NSLU2 RAM.

UcSlugC feeds are still not stable - an unstable feed currently holds Version 2 packages (all compiled in Thumb).

At this moment a source tarball release is not available. The intention is to make a version 2 tarball available soon. (Note that the stated intention to release a version 1.1 tarball has been abandoned, because version 2 seems to be working better than expected!)

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