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The licenses associated with UcSlugC

It can be difficult to work out what licenses you have to accept to use an OpenEmbedded system. This page provides a basic explanation of where to look. The licensing details themselves are almost all agreements with third party provides of (typically) "Open Source" software, this page is not intended to explain the licenses, just to tell you where to look!

  • The contents of the monotone source database used for OpenEmbedded source - all the monotone branches which start org.openembedded - contain a file COPYING.MIT (at the top level) which details copyright and licensing.
  • The contents of org.nslu2-linux.bitbake are simply a copy of the bitbake program, licensed under the GPL-2. It is not necessary to use this copy of bitbake to build UcSlugC - any recent version should work. The monotone branch contains a list of the authors.
  • The contents of org.nslu2-linux.dev are licensed under GPL-2 (or later).

During a build the build system (bitbake) downloads source from third party web sites. The downloaded source is licensed according to the details on the relevant web sites and within the downloaded source.

In general the download is controlled by the SRC_URI assignment within an individual bitbake .bb file and this file should also contain a LICENSE assignment which describes the license applicable to the downloaded source, however the LICENSE assignment is not always present and may not always be correct.

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