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This is the home page for UcSlugC - an openembedded build for the LinkSys NSLU2 which uses uClibc.

UcSlugC is very much like OpenSlug - indeed it is an OpenSlug build which has had all optional stuff in a real OpenSlug image removed and has been compiled with uClibc.

By using uClibc and removing optional modules and packages the amount of space available in the flash file system is increased to about 4MByte (from only around 800kbyte on OpenSlug). The modules required for the root file system and other configuration can be installed using ipkg from the flash file system.

Important facts about UcSlugC

  1. The UcSlugC image does not contain any support for file systems on external storage devices - you must install appropriate support before you can use such file systems.
  2. The UcSlugC image is intended as a basis for turnkey systems configured with packages for a particular application. Such systems can be made either by following a "script" of installation instructions using a freshly flashed UcSlugC image or by making a custom distribution which already contains the additional packages.
  3. Reflashing UcSlugC with the reflash program will remove all the customisation (since it is not in the new UcSlugC image). This may well make the system unbootable - it certainly will not boot using an external file system - and the customisation will have to be repeated.
  4. Script customisation may be implemented by making a meta package for ipkg to download which depends on the required other packages and, if necessary, performs post install customisation.
  5. Image customisation must change the name of the image - it is not permitted to reuse the name UcSlugC for a firmware image which contains customisation.
  6. Please note that actually (nov-2005) the make ucslugc-image command does not produce a .bin file in the ./ucslugc/tmp/deploy/image of the building tree but the single file of the kernel and the filesystem. You have to use upslug2 utility for flashing your slug.

Why the name is important

If an image is released called UcSlugC but which has additional customisation other users of UcSlugC may well be unable to use it (because the customisation may conflict with their own). This applies to any customisation:

  • If anything is removed from the image other customisations which depend on that thing may cease to work.
  • If anything is added to the image other customisations which rely on being able to install extra software may fail to work because of insufficient room in the file system.

Therefore customised images must not be called UcSlugC.

More information

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