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What is SlugOS/LE?

SlugOS/LE has some history that makes its identity complicated. At one time it was one of the ways of running Debian on the Slug, by coercing Debian packages into a non-Debian base system. But the NSLU2 is now fully supported by Debian-proper so hacks like that are no longer needed. It's useful to know the history, however, as you'll find a fair amount of out-of-date documentation around here that assumes the old context.

Now - i.e. March 2008 - SlugOS/LE is an OpenEmbedded-based distribution which may not even be ABI-compatible with Debian executables any more. Apart from the endianness difference, it's essentially the same as SlugOS/BE. It seems that the SlugOS/BE documentation is in better shape than the material that was on this page, so I suggest going there for installation instructions and so on.

SlugOS/LE Logo

Here's a Debian logo for your "monster" box. See the ByteRed site for this and other Unslung images and Photoshop files.


Note: Most of these HowTos are either written for SlugOS/LE or OpenDebianSlug, but they should work on the other flavour too. OpenDebianSlug HowTos should work with SlugOS/LE and vice versa.

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