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What's New

See SlugOS5 for an outline of the major new features and changes for SlugOS 5.

Finding Wiki Information

Note the heading at the top of this page; this color-coded annotation will be used to help readers of the wiki to determine the specific firmware and version to which the article applies. Note that the absence of the color-coded annotation does not necessarily mean that the page in question does not apply; it merely means that nobody has (yet) taken the time to review and "certify" that the page is still pertinent and accurate for this SlugOS release.

Limitations and Known Problems

  • This release requires a complete reflash and reinstall; there is currently no upgrade option available.
  • The opkg utility leaves empty directories behind in root's home directory. This is a nuisance, but the empty directories can be safely removed at any time with the "rmdir" command.
  • The busybox mount utility can occasionally become confused when asked to mount a metadisk by UUID. See TurnupToRAID for a procedure that works around this bug.
  • Not all opkg packages have been updated to know about the expanded capabilities of busybox, resulting in errors similar to the one below. The solution is to use the "-force-overwrite" option with opkg to overwrite the busybox symbolic link. Please report these conflicts to the mailing lists when you encounter them so that we can get the packages updated.
        Collected errors:
         * Package cron wants to install file /usr/bin/crontab
                But that file is already provided by package  * busybox
  • The "beep" normally heard in mid-boot (at the point where the boot process switches from internal flash to the turned-up external storage) is sent to the console instead of the NSLU2 beeper.

(This page will be added to as new problems and solutions come to light)

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