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Tested on the following SlugOS-variants: OpenSlug 3.10.
If you've tested this on another SlugOS variant, please add it to this list.

Install Miau for IRC logging

This HowTo covers the setup and usage of the miau IRC bouncer for logging IRC channels (e.g. #nslu2-general).


  1. Log into your slug as root and issue the command:

    # ipkg install miau
  2. Reboot and check miau is running. Also if you go to the nslu2-general Java IRC client you should see a new user has connected called "change-me" or "echange-m" or "mechange-" or some other combination depending on how many other people still have not configured miau.

    # ps -ef

    And look for a line something like the following:

    756 root 852 S /usr/bin/miau


  1. Configuration data for miau resides in /etc/miau.conf. Edit this file according to the next steps.
  2. Change all the mandatory options at the top of the file to settings of your choice. Particularly the nicknames.

    nicknames = {
  3. Now you need to set up the logging variables in the optional parameters below as follows:

    qloglength = "5"
    timestamp = "beginning"
    flushqlog = "false"
    inbox = "true"
    privlog = "always"
    channels = {
    chanlog = {
  4. Now you need to restart miau so that it rereads the config file. this is easily done by executing the init script as follows:

    #/etc/init.d/miau restart
  5. This should get you running. Miau will create the following files for you:
    1. /var/spool/miau/inbox contains any private messages sent to you over IRC
    2. /var/spool/miau/logs/nslu2-general.log contains a verbose log of the nslu2-general IRC channel
    3. /var/spool/maiu/logs/anotheruser contains private messages from anotheruser on IRC

Of course you can also configure the logging of other channels. See the documentation for details

More information.

The miau user manual can be found at: http://miau.sourceforge.net/manual.html. Also be sure to check out the man page.

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