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This is the placeholder for SlugOS specific Howto pages. Feel free to add your HowTo here.

How to enable the Optware repositories for installation of Optware packages
Enable NTP time syncronization on boot and periodically
Lighttpd Web Server with PHP
InstallPertelianLCD: Install drivers and lcdproc for a Pertelian X2040 LCD display
InstallMiauForIRCLogging: Install Miau, an irc logging bot.
OpenSlugNativeCompileEnvironment: installing a SlugOS native build environment.
HowToBackupAndRestoreSlugOSBetweenTwoMemorySticks: SlugOS bacup/restore between memory sticks.
InstallWinTVPVRUSB2: Install drivers for the Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB2 TV card
BootfromNFS: How to boot SlugOS 4.8 from NFS
Reset Root Password On Internal Flash: How to Reset the Root Password on the Internal Flash for SlugOS
Aiptek MegaCam 1.3 Howto
AddUvccaptureToPackages: add WebCam support to the openembedded packages (for SlugOS5).
Samba 3.2.8-r1 on SlugOS-BE 5.3 Howto How to add Samba 3.2 for SlugOS-BE 5.3.
Twonkymedia Server How to install Twonkymedia Server 5.x on SlugOS-BE 4.8.
Wireless Chipset ZD1211 How to get a ZD1211? wireless card working

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