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Please make sure that first you have enabled the Optware repositories for installation of Optware packages

1) Install the usbutils: ipkg install usbutils
2) Install the video and the gspca1 module which supports the SPCA504a? chipset used by this WebCam?: ipkg install gspca1
3) Install the vidcat program: ipkg-opt install w3cam

That's it:

1) Connect your usb camera anda make sure it is detected:

root@nslu2-nas:/var/log# lsusb                                                  
Bus 2 Device 1: ID 0000:0000 
Bus 1 Device 2: ID 04b4:6830 Cypress Semiconductor Corp. USB-2.0 IDE Adapter
Bus 1 Device 1: ID 0000:0000
Bus 3 Device 3: ID 04fc:504a Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd SPCA504a Digital Camera
Bus 3 Device 1: ID 0000:0000

2) Insert the drivers:

modprobe videodev
modprobe gspca

The lsmod output should be something like:

Module                  Size  Used by
gspca                 600708  0 
videodev               23072  1 gspca
v4l2_common            12640  1 videodev
v4l1_compat            11652  1 videodev

3) Try it: /opt/bin/vidcat -d /dev/video0 > photo.jpg
It takes a while (around 30s to 1 minute) just be patient.

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