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Usage - "vi filename", or "vi existingfilename".

All commands are case sensitive:

 vi filename - start editing a file
 i - start inserting characters (you can type your text after pushing i)
 o - insert new line under line the cursor is in, you can immediately start typing
 ESC - stop inserting characters
 yy - Copy line.
 p - Paste.
 u - Undo.
 dd - delete a whole line
 x - delete a single character
 :w - write the file
 :q - quit VI
 :wq - write the file, then quit vi
 :q! - quit vi and lose any changes you made. 
 ZZ - Save and exit.


Editting the .profile to make new files read/write for everyone. This will prevent downloading problems from slug to pc


  • cd (to go to home directorie)
  • vi .profile
  • i (to start inserting text)
  • insert the text "umode 111"
  • ESC (to stop inserting text)
  • ":wq" (to save and exit)
  • logout and login again, write a file to check it is working
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