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A dual tuner digital satellite receiver (DVB-S) and personal video recorder (tuppy) - see http://www.topfield.co.kr/eng/product/detail.asp?idx=95&page=1&lang=2&img_title=title_satellite&leftmenu=left_product2&cateL=SD&cateM=&cateS=Satellite&cate4=&cate5=&mainmenu=Satellite

Has a published API and a cross compiler. While it is not as hackable as a slug, it's still pretty cool.

The puppy-tools were originally developed for the TF5000PVRt (terrestrial version), but this device has the same API, so it also works fine with this device. Some TAP applications might be specific to the DVB-T/DVB-S version of TF5000PVR.

Note: the filenames inside tuppy are defined by EPG-data (if not selected manualy) and may contain "strange" characters like German umlaute which might break some bash-scripts. Also note that puppy uses DOS-style path-seperators, ie. not forward slash but backslash (double backslash in bash to escape backslash-interpretation by bash itself).

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