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These are instructions for getting extra software and Puppy installed on your NSLU2 when it doesn't have an internet connection.

Manually getting the packages

On a machine that has net access. ie. your normal net connected home machine.

goto the Ipkg Package site and get the following.


FTP Transfer to nlsu2.

Now from the nslu2 ftp to my local pc that i've downloaded the packages to. ie. ftp (pc). You'll need to have some type of FTP package installed to serve the files. I was running the free alex small FTP package from my Windows machine.

  • add properly formatted example of FTP transfer*

Or you can transfer the files directly from a Windows PC.


In the webinterface, on the administration -system page, check the server name and workgroup of your slug. Change the workgroup to the same workgroup as your PC, and the server name to ie Slug.


Open a Windows Explorer window
Go to network environment - complete network - Microsoft Windows network - work group - server name (ie Slug) - DISK1?
Copy the ipk files to DISK1?


Telnet to the slug
type: cd /share/hdd/data/public
type: ls, and you should see the transfered files

You can now continue with the manual install of the packages

Manual install of packages.

Now cut and paste each of in the following commands to install each of the packages. (Please do not try this without unslinging, it will make the NSLU2 unbootable with an out of memory error which will require reflashing to fix. If you do not want to unsling just install puppy and use telnet for communicating)

ipkg install openssl_0.9.7d-3_armeb.ipk
ipkg install zlib_1.2.2-2_armeb.ipk
ipkg install openssh_3.8p1-3_armeb.ipk <- This command will take a while as it generates the keys.
ipkg install puppy_1.11-1_armeb.ipk
ipkg install bash_2.05b-5_armeb.ipk

If you'd like to run some perl scripts you can optionally install perl.

ipkg install perl_5.6.1-1_armeb.ipk

Now follow the rest of the instructions in the EndUserPuppyInstall guide.

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