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puppy - GPL software for communicating with a Topfield PVR.

You may also find ftpd-topfield (FtpdTopfield) as a useful means of communicating with your NSLU2.

Originally developed to turn an NSLU2 into an Ethernet interface for a Topfield TF5000PVRt or TF5000PVR. These days, puppy runs on a variety of Linux systems, including x86 desktops, amd64 servers, PowerPC based CD players, and MIPS based wireless routers.

Puppy requires your NSLU2 to be running Unslung firmware (version 3.9 or later) or OpenSlug firmware.

puppy packages are a part of the normal unslung feed and you can just install them in the usual manner, instead of having to build puppy from source.

Puppy related wiki pages

  • Unslung is the firmware you need to install in order to get puppy working on your NSLU2.
  • ConfiguringNSLU2 has the steps needed to prepare your NSLU2 for a puppy installation. You will also find others tips that will make your life easier.
  • PuppyUsage to see some examples of how to work puppy.
  • PuppyPerformance to answer your questions regarding speed.
  • BuildingPuppy for instructions that will allow you to build the current CVS version of puppy.
  • EndUserPuppyInstall guide is a user contributed document detailing a slightly unusual NSLU2/puppy installation.
  • PuppyWithoutFlashOrHdd how to set up puppy for use without a flash or hdd attached.
  • UserContributions to see how other people have used puppy to enhance their experience with the Toppy.
  • ViCrashCourse gives very basic instructions on how to edit text files on the NSLU2.

External Links and Resources

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