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ftpd-topfield is a program which allows you to communication with your Topfield PVR via the ftp protocol.

  • It is maintained by Steve Bennett (steveb at workware.net.au)
  • It is currently available from the puppy cvs (see the bottom of the Puppy page)
  • I will be updating this page with more details shortly.

Where to get it

ftp client settings

Due to the nature of the Topfield USB protocol, only a single ftp connection is supported at any one time. Various ftp clients default to using multiple connections which will cause the client to appear to hang. Below are notes from various users about how to turn off multiple connections for some clients.

  • filezilla: Untick the option to use multiple connections. In filezilla you can also use the raw ftp command with "site turbo" (no quotes) to change the turbo setting. latest version (2.2.18) seems to remember it!


  • Not getting the contents of the Topfield, but NSLU2 shares instead? Disable the builtin FTP server from the Linksys administration page and reboot.
  • Latest 2.6 kernel header moved linux/usb_ch9.h to linux/usb/ch9.h, this may cause build problem. Optware openwrt-ixp4xx build patched the source code to make it build. This should easily go upstream to be based on LINUX_VERSION_CODE.
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Based on work by BrianZhou, Betonpoaltie, adamr, and msteveb.
Originally by msteveb.
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