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Based on BluetoothAdapter, tested on Unslung 5.5

Installing packages (On the slug)

ipkg update
ipkg -f install kernel-module-bluetooth kernel-module-l2cap kernel-module-rfcomm kernel-module-bnep kernel-module-hci-usb libbluetooth1 bluez-utils-nodbus
ipkg -force-depends bluez-libs bluez-utils kernel-module-bluez

Some of those will probably fail - I forget exactly which are the correct ones now, perhaps someone can update if they try it

on your main linux box:
route add gw

on slug (IP

insmod bluez
insmod hci_usb
insmod l2cap
# may not be needed
insmod rfcomm
insmod bnep

hcid;sdpd;pand --listen --role NAP --master --persist
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
# connect a device to the Bluetooth PAN now
# device needs to have a static IP address for bt/pan of
# mask GW
# also set desired DNS/WINS IP (mine point to
ifconfig bnep0
route add gw
route add gw

Notes: Assumes main linux box is, and has its firewall (if any) configured to allow access/consider local subnet 10.0.4.x - slug is and has no firewall or has firewall configured to deal with 10.0.4.x subnet


I have managed to get a Belkin Bluetooth dongle working with Unslung - the device is recognised; I can scan for and ping other BT devices within range; and when I scan for BT devices from my mobile phone, the slug shows up on the list on the phone. The problem is, at this stage, I can't do anything useful with it :-(

I think I could now set up the slug as a Bluetooth access point, for devices to use it to get on the net. However, it would be more immediately useful to me if I could set up the slug to receive photos I send from my phone via Bluetooth. Ideally, the slug would receive the image files, and then copy them with the correct permissions/ownerships into a directory in the Samba-shared part of the filesystem, so I could then access the photos from my home LAN.

Any idea how this could be set up on the slug? - tawalker

In case kernel-module-bluetooth not present, uNSLUng 6.8

I could not find the above module and did some merging of solutions and got some pointers from the Google group. This is how I got the low-level BT link up and running.

Problem 1: Use of BT dongle behind a hub under uNSLUng is a no go. Do your first tests without a hub.
Problem 2: kernel-module-bluetooth module probably replaced by kernel-module-bluez

#ipkg install bluez-hcidump bluez-libs bluez-utils kernel-module-bluez 
kernel-module-bnep kernel-module-hci-usb kernel-module-l2cap kernel-module-rfcomm

# insmod bluez
# insmod hci_usb
# insmod l2cap
# insmod bnep

# hciconfig hci0 up

# hciconfig -a

hci0: Type: USB
BD Address: 00:11:67:5F:1D:04 ACL MTU: 678:8 SCO MTU: 48:10
Subver: 0x226
Manufacturer: Integrated System Solution Corp. (57)

# hcitool inq
Inquiring ...

Problem 3: ISSC USB Dongle seems not work with current bluez (have 2 BT devices present, both are not recognised)

This specific dongle seemingly requires a forced reset before inq.

# hciconfig hci0 reset

# hcitool inq
Inquiring ...
00:19:63:88:8D:5F clock offset: 0x4dd4 class:
00:1C:35:85:90:53 clock offset: 0x5c3a class:

# hcitool scan
Scanning ...
00:19:63:88:8D:5F Z530i
00:1C:35:85:90:53 Nokia 3109c


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Based on work by knak_worst_je, tawalker, and JohnS.
Originally by JohnS.
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