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Yes, it is possible to have a graphical user interface on your slug!

Here is how to do it:

  • First, obviously the slug has no screen, mouse or keyboard. You will need to have an X server running on a separate machine (I will call this your "X server system"). If you have a gnu/linux based desktop system, you almost certainly are running an X server already; X server software is also available for windows and MacOS?.
  • Second, you need to install the right software on your slug: "ipkg install vte xdpyinfo xauth" as root should do it.
  • Third, you will need to connect from your X server system to your slug with the ssh protocol. And you will need ssh software that understands how to forward the X protocol on both the X server system, and on the slug. Both openssh and dropbear can do this; I use openssh. If you aren't running an ssh server on your slug already, "ipkg install openssh" and check that you can log in with it.
  • Fourth, if you are using openssh, you need to edit /opt/etc/openssh/sshd_config on your slug and add a line saying "X11Forwarding yes". Restart openssh after doing this. Now is probably a good time to completely reboot your slug.
  • Fifth, you are now ready for slugvision! Log into your slug with "ssh -X"; once you are logged in, try running "gtk-demo" or "vte". These graphical programs are running on your slug, but displaying on your X server system.

If these instructions do not work for you, or you can think of a way to make them clearer, please edit them.

If you would like to contribute an X11-based or gtk+-based application, and want help, feel free to come ask questions on the #nslu2-linux irc channel, or send email to the yahoo list.

X11-related packages

This is a list of the X11-related packages now available:

atkgtk+ dependency
fixesextprotocol headers
fontconfigclient-side font library
freetypeclient-side font library
pangogtk+ dependency
recordextprotocol headers
renderextprotocol headers
ttf-bitstream-verafree truetype font for use with freetype
x11X client library
xauX client library
xcursorX client library
xdmcpX client? library
xextX client library
xextensionsprotocol headers
xfixesX client library
xftX client library
xprotoprotocol headers
xrenderX client library
xtransprotocol headers
xtstX client library
iceX client library
smX client library
xtX client library
xmuX client library
vteterminal widget for gtk+
xpmX pixmap library
xawAthena widgetset
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