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This page is a supplement to the Optware.Vsftpd page.

(That page was locked with a different password than usual, because of spam problems. This page is a temporary place to hold further Vsftpd information.)

Corrections to default vsftpd.conf

For VSFTPD version 2.1.2-2 the default vsftpd.conf has a couple of problems.

1) You MUST include a line:


This is absolutely necessary when vsftpd is run from an inetd of some kind.

This is what diversion script /unslung/rc.xinetd is for.

If you don't you will get an error like:

 '500 OOPS: could not bind listening IPv4'

and you can't connect to the ftp server.

from the man page:

If enabled, vsftpd will run in standalone mode. This means that vsftpd must not be run from an inetd of some kind. Instead, the vsftpd executable is run once directly. vsftpd itself will then take care of listening for and handling incoming connections.

Notice that the default is yes. This is bad for us, given we want to invoke Vsftpd from xinetd.

This took place when v2.1.0 released.

 "- FC10 patch (vsftpd-2.0.6-listen.patch): default listen to YES"

(from changelog)

Previous versions of vsftpd for NSLU2 UnSlung didn't have this happen even though a 'listen' line was not included the default vsftpd.conf

Also incorrect in the default vsftpd.conf is the line:


which if used is ignored and your log file will be at the default location of /var/log/vsftpd.log

The correct line would be:


And please see the original (locked) Optware.Vsftpd page; this page is a supplement.

I hope this helps anyone who is having problems with VSFTPD version 2.1.2-2.

Invoking vsftpd from xinetd

If you are using xinetd, for instance because Samba 3.2 depends on it and installed it, then in order for xinetd to invoke vsftpd it needs a configuration file. Put something like the following into a file vsftpd in the directory /opt/etc/xinetd.d/.

# This is to control the vsftp FTP service.

service ftp
# This is for quick on or off of the service
	disable		= no

	id		    = ftp-vsftp
	wait		= no
	socket_type	= stream
	user		= root 
#	group		= 
	server		= /opt/sbin/vsftpd
	server_args	= /opt/etc/vsftpd.conf

#	port		= 21  # defined by /etc/services

# Logging options
	log_type	= SYSLOG authpriv debug
#	log_on_success	=
#	log_on_failure	=

# other options
	deny_time	= 120
	nice		= 10
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