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February 24, 2016
Optware-ng is now official.
NOTE: The complete package list is available at http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/optware-ng/

September 30, 2015
Optware new generation

Optware Introduction

For a detailed description of Optware's history and current state, see the Optware Home Page.

For information on installing Optware on the NSLU2, see the Slug Install page.

Note about the OptWare documentation

Much of the documentation hasn't been updated to remove NSLU2 references, so you may still see references to Unslung and the NSLU2 when the information also applies to other platforms. Don't panic.

What are Packages?

In general, packages are commonly-available software programs that we have simply ported to the Optware environment. The effort to do this work is provided by the volunteer Optware community.

If you have a question on how to use a particular package, please use Google or something to search for the general documentation about the package before asking questions that are not specific to the platform's port of the package. For example, Google "man tar" for information on how to use the "tar" application.

How To Use ipkg

  • You can update your ipkg database on your device with ipkg update.
  • You can ensure you have the latest (and greatest?) versions with ipkg upgrade.
  • To check out a list of available packages, use ipkg list.
  • To see the packages you already have installed, use ipkg status.
  • To install a new package, use ipkg install <package name>.
  • To uninstall a package, use ipkg uninstall <package name>.

The complete package list is also browsable here.

The package format is compatible between the all versions of the Unslung firmware. Some packages have also been ported to the Asus WL-series of wireless routers.

Package Sources and Locations

The Optware package repositories can be found at http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/


nslu2-linux, US (main)


Can't Find A Package You Want?

If there is a package you would like that is not part of unslung already, you have two options:

Found A Bug?

If you find any problems with the packages, please report them to the nslu2-linux mailinglist.

Please search the wiki to see if your problem is a known problem with a workaround.

In the chance that the problem might be fixed with the help of the package maintainer, come to the IRC channel and politely ask for help. You can also Browse the IRC Logs.

The easiest way to find a maintainer is to look at the cvs log - "cvs log make/foo.mk" - for package foo. This will tell you who originally checked in the package and who has modified it since. The usernames in the cvs log are @users.sourceforge.net addresses.

Specific Package Details

More details are available for the following packages:

  • Apache - Popular heavyweight web server
  • appWeb - Embedded Web Server
  • Asterisk - Open Source VoIP PBX System
  • atop - is an interactive monitor for Linux-systems to view the load on system-level and process-level.
  • amule - eMule-like client for the eD2k and Kademlia networks
  • BarracudaDrive - Embedded Application Server
  • Bash - Bourne Again SHell
  • BitTorrent - mainline python BT client packaged as py-bittorrent (launch by btdownloadcurses.py)
  • Btpd - lightweight command line torrent daemon+client
  • BusyBox
  • calculators - bc, calc, nickle
  • castget - a command-line podcast downloader
  • ccollect - pseudo) incremental (parallel) backup
  • ccxstream - Media streaming server for Xbox Media Center
  • cherokee - Flexible and Fast Web server.
  • clutch - Bittorrent GUI based on transmission, originally a Mac application.
  • cpio - CoPy In/Out file archiver
  • crosstool-native - Bootstrap toolchain including GCC 3.3.5, Glibc 2.2.5, Binutils, and Linux 2.4.22 headers.
  • CTorrent - BitTorrent client written in the C programming language.
  • CUPS - CUPS printer system.
  • diffutils - GNU Diffutils
  • ddclient - Ddclient dynamic ip updater.
  • digitemp - temperatur logger software
  • distcc - Distributed C/C++ compiler
  • DnsMasq - DNS and DHCP server
  • dovecot - Dovecot is an open source IMAP and POP3 server for Linux/UNIX-like systems
  • dstat - dstat is a versatile replacement for vmstat, iostat, netstat, nfsstat, and ifstat
  • Enhanced CTorrent - command line client for BitTorrent
  • emacs22 - OS^h^hEditor, see also jed, joe, jove, mg, qemacs, uemacs, zile
  • erlang - concurrency oriented language and runtime
  • extract-xiso - XBOX iso creation/extraction tool
  • findutils - File find utility
  • FreeRadius - An opensource Radius server
  • git - distributed version control tool
  • gphoto2 - Command line digital camera software applications
  • gnokii - a multisystem tool suite and modem driver for the mobile phones (including smsd)
  • Haserl - a small program that uses shell or Lua script to create cgi web scripts.
  • ipcalc, sipcalc - IP address and subnet calculation tool
  • Hplip - A HP Printers and scanners set of drivers and tools
  • ipkg-web - A web frontend for ipkg
  • irssi - console IRC client
  • less - Less is more file pager, see also most
  • kissdx - a versatile PC-Link clone for KiSS media players
  • libbt C BitTorrent library with sample downloader.
  • lighttpd (LLMP) - lightweight web server.
  • logrotate - Used to compress and rotate log messages
  • m4 - GNU macro preprocessor
  • make - GNU make tool
  • Mailx - Mail client (formerly nail)
  • mc - Midnight Commander File manager
  • MediaWiki - The Wiki software used to run Wikipedia
  • memtester - A runtime memtest utility
  • mercurial - packaged as py-mercurial, fast distributed version control tool.
  • mimms - MMS:// stream ripper
  • mldonkey - multi-network peer-to-peer, availabe on unslung
  • Mt-daapd - iTunes Server
  • mutt - text mode mail client
  • MySQL - The most popular Open Source SQL Database
  • nagios-plugins - Plugins for the nagios network monitor program
  • Nail - Mail client
  • Nano - Pico like Editor
  • NanoBlogger - a small weblog engine written in Bash for the command line
  • nbench-byte - BYTE's Native Mode Benchmarks
  • ncFTP - A user friendly FTP client with background spooling.
  • net-snmp - The opensource implementation of snmp
  • Nethack - Greatest RPG of all time
  • netio - A cross platform network benchmark tool for tcp and udp.
  • nrpe - Nagios remote program execute daemon
  • Nfs-utils - The recommended NFS server
  • nginx - small web server and reverse proxy
  • ntfsprogs - NTFS filesystem libraries and utilities
  • Ntpclient - Network Time Protocol client
  • OpenSSH - the recommended SSH server
  • patch - GNU patch
  • phoneme advanced - java j2me CDC JVM from Sun
  • phpMyAdmin - Web-based administration for MySQL
  • postgresql - A highly-scalable, SQL compliant, open source object-relational database management system
  • proftpd - Highly configurable and feature packed FTP server
  • python - An interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
  • qemu - An processor emulator - allows running i386 binaries on the slug
  • rtorrent - bittorent client, runs well on Slugosbe, has some problem on unslung
  • samba - Samba 3.0.14a-4 on Unslung 4.2x beta
  • samba2 - Samba 2.2.12
  • SWAT - the Samba Web Administration Tool
  • scponly - Allows users to access the slug with SCP, but not with SSH
  • GNU screen - console screen manager
  • ser - SIP Express Router
  • slrn - console nntp news reader
  • slsc - console spreadsheet
  • Smalltalk - squeak, gnu-smalltalk, littlesmalltalk, or syx
  • sudo - Run commands as root
  • svn - Subversion version control system
  • Syslog-ng - replacement for the standard syslog utility with remote logging capability
  • tar - Heavyweight version of the tape archiver
  • tftp-hpa - A simple tftp package
  • tin - console news reader
  • torrent - Torrent processing scripts for libbt
  • TorrentFlux - a web-based torrent manager
  • Transmission - Lightweight BitTorrent client and daemon with WWW interface
  • unfs3 - User-space NFS V3 server (not recommended - use nfs-utils instead)
  • upslug2 - The upslug2 package to update a other slug.
  • ushare - Free open source uPnP media server.
  • vblade - A program that makes a seekable file available over AoE.
  • vim - Vi iMproved, see also nvi
  • vsftpd - Fast and secure FTP server. (Supplemental page: vsftpd-FTP)
  • webalizer - server stats program.
  • wiki - mediawiki, dukuwiki, yawk, moinmoin, trac
  • X11 - X Windows for your slug. No display hardware in the NSLU2 so it's remote access only.
  • xinetd - Highly configurable and secure inetd replacement
  • xmail - An easy(ish) to use mail server
  • yawk - A wiki.cgi script written in gawk
  • zip - a compression and file packaging utility

Todo: please add details of other packages

NOTE: The complete package list is available at http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/optware/nslu2/.

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