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Please update Busybox to newest version - it has rpm support.


  • In oder to install Pyload on my NAS Synology DS107?+ (Marvell Orion mv5281 ARM Processor), I'd like to get the two packages tesseract-ocr and tesseract-ocr-lang-eng. Thanx
  • I'd like the videodev and pwc libraries for armeb (syno 101j) to plug a webcam then take pictures.
  • Please release the newest MySQL Version (5.6) as an ipkg package.
  • Please release the newest PHP Version (5.5) as an ipkg package.
  • kernel-module-ftdi-sio - to connect a usb2serial adapter (e.g. fhz 1000 Home Automation device)
  • libftdi - to have also libraries available (e.g. for smartmouse USB)
  • cryptopp 5.5.2 which is used for cryptography by mldonkey and amule
  • libinklevel for determining ink status of connected printer. (requires libieee1284 also)
    • All compile, though it doesn't seem to communication with my printer properly.


  • CUPS - CUPS is broken. wrong kernel version for modules
  • quota - set disk quota e.g. for polipo which has no internal quota handling
  • Fluxbox - Desktop / window manager.
  • This will be really cool - Nadia
  • Yes please, this would be really nice! - bLy
  • Webmin - Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Linux/Unix. Using any browser that supports tables and forms (and Java for the File Manager module), you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and so on. Webmin consists of a simple web server, and a number of CGI programs which directly update system files like /etc/inetd.conf and /etc/passwd. The web server and all CGI programs are written in Perl version 5, and use no non-standard Perl modules.
    • A second vote for Webmin.
    • A webserver to administrate the NSLU from anywhere on the web like Remotely Anywhere for Windows... Webmin could be a good package.
    • #4 vote for Webmin.
    • #5 Vote for Webmin.
    • I'll make it vote #6 for Webmin - this would be a great package to have on the NSLU2.
    • #7 for Webmin. -DMH
    • #8 vote for Webmin. -poutnik
    • #9 vote for Webmin. -Markus
    • #10 vote for Webmin. -jchapman (as a *nix novice this would make my life easier)
    • #11 vote for Webmin. -kruebsam (best would be together with SWAT for SAMBA 3.x)
    • #12 vote for Webmin. - claudiot
    • #13 vote for Webmin. - Christoph
    • #14 vote for Webmin - Ken P. An absolute essential!
    • #15 vote for Webmin - Mathias (This Tool would be ideal to manage all that the NSLU2 can provide)
    • #16 vote for Webmin - David
    • #17 vote for Webmin (or something similar) - Peter F.

[Note on Webmin: Webmin has been installed and tested on Unslung on the NSLU2. It is unbearably slow. Note that webmin is written entirely in a scripting language -- even the web server component that the user's browser interact with is written in a scripting language. It really is not suitable for embedded devices. Frankly, if it was, the embedded vendors would have adapted parts of it for their use - think about it! So, until something changes "upstream" (meaning the webmin software), this wishlist item is not a very practical wish. As they say, "if wishes were horses..."]

Sharing/accessing files

  • ifolder - sync tool


  • ffmpegthumbnailer

http://code.google.com/p/ffmpegthumbnailer/ - For use with mediatomb and ffmpeg.

  • cryptoloop + tools. Currently there isnt any util-linux with cryptoloop or even losetup available. Theres an old losetup somewhere in the yahoo mailinglist, but it can only do xor encoding. But for some stuff one would like to use a bit more than xor, even if it will slow the datatransfer down! See CurrentXORsolution for what little can be done so far only.
  • OpenNap and nap Napster Server and client for sharing files. gift is available, provides similar functionality
    • A second vote for OpenNap: gift-opennap does search for .mp3 files only, no .mov, mpg etc etc files
    • 3rd vote for OpenNap or a fixed gift-opennap giFt's plugin
  • EDNA - small MP3 server. Requires Python. EDNA (ver 0.5) works already on uNSLUng
  • HFS+ - Some folks want to be able to hook up their Mac formatted disks to the Slug (which is still cheaper than a Mac mini). (bob_tm: Note that HFS+ seems to be an abandoned project - no file changes for 2-3 years and the project is still in alpha). (tribble: there's actually newer code which is included in 2.6 that comes from http://www.ardistech.com/hfsplus/ - it's beta and only a year old)
    • 3rd vote for HFS+ support
    • 4th vote for HFS+ support
    • 5th vote for HFS+ support
    • 6th vote for HFS+ support
    • 7th vote for HFS+ support
    • 8th vote for HFS+ support
    • 9th vote for HFS+ support 2008/03/14
    • 10th vote for HFS+ support 2008/05/22
    • 11th vote for HFS+ support 2008/09/14
    • 12th vote for HFS+ support 2008/10/05
  • GNUMP3d - a streaming MP3 and Media Server, Extremely Good. +1
    • Installed on Unslung slug, could not get the Makefile to run so I built a shell script to load everything. Had to load everything into the default directories /usr for most files - it would be nice to install the files in a different directory /opt but some directories are hardcoded throughout the files and I just haven't had time yet to find them all. Otherwise this is a great little standalone http MP3 server. I can't wait to get a Media adapter for my home stereo.
  • PhpGedView - an open source genealogy database program which compliments the recent introduction of PHP, MySql and PHP-Enabled Web Servers to the package list. I have added some notes at PhpGedView Notes
  • wizd - Server software for a few different hardware media players. (Compiling late versions of Wizd for the slug)
  • oxyl~box - an apache, php frontend (server) for Showcenter and Transgear Media Clients. (oxyl~box board)
  • FUSE Filesystem in Userspace - http://fuse.sourceforge.net/
    • FUSE package is available but it is unclear whether it works or not
    • +1 for FUSE since it is a requirement for SSHFS (see below)
    • +1 for FUSE since it is a requirement for FUSEPod? (see below)
  • Axel - Download accelerator.
  • SSHFS - access remote files securely over SSH just as if they were local files (http://fuse.sourceforge.net/sshfs.html)
  • NTFS-3G (http://www.ntfs-3g.org) - The existing version in optware is very old. The Paragon driver that comes with unslung is buggy, hangs the slug at times and doesn't handle timestamps correctly with rsync, would love to try other drivers for ntfs disks
    • 2nd vote for latest version of NTFS-3G (2008/03/10)
    • 3rd vote for latest version of NFFS-3G (2008/03/10)
    • 4th vote for NTFS-3G (2008/03/22) for MyWorlddBook
    • 5th vote for NTFS-3G for MyBook? World Edition (2008/04/30)
    • 6th vote for NTFS-3G (2008/06/05)
    • 7th vote for NTFS-3G (2008/06/06)
    • 8th vote for NTFS-3G (2008/09/07)
    • 9th vote for NTFS-3G (2008/09/08)
  • Linux-NTFS (http://www.linux-ntfs.org/) and ntfsprogs 2.0.0 with read/write support
    • 2nd vote for latest version of Linux-NTFS (2008/06/06)
  • FUSEPod - a userspace filesystem which mounts your iPod into a directory for easy browsing of your songs on your iPod.

Sharing LUNs / block storage

  • An iSCSI target implemention, ARDIS Tech iSCSI target and / or iSCSI Enterprise Target. iSCSI - for the non-initiated, exports LUNs to hosts via a TCP/IP network. Software initators are available for most operation systems including Linux and Windows.
  • An implementation that will allow Oracle/dba to own directories, and that will share the usb drives so that oracle clusterware/RAC can be implemented.

Authentication and other server software

  • OpenXPKI, public key infrastructure (PKI) suite.
  • Linux NIS (YP) The Network Information Service (NIS) simplify network administration and runs on most UNIX networks. Login names/passwords/home directories (/etc/passwd), group information (/etc/group), host names and IP numbers (/etc/hosts) can be distributed by NIS. So, for example, if your password entry is recorded in the NIS passwd database, you will be able to login on all machines on the net which have the NIS client programs running.
  • Quality of Service implementation - Wondershaper (depends on iproute and possibly a recompiled kernel)
  • VPN server, preferably one that can be used with the built-in Windows XP client.
  • SSL-Explorer Community Edition An open source web-based SSL VPN server which includes SSL tunneling, intranet website proxying, access to multiple file systems and application launching/tunneling through a standard browser that uses java-based SSL VPN client
    • Add one more vote for SSL Explore. And for the guy looking for VPN, SSL Explore is better.
  • SANED - Scanner server - Provides scanner sharing, including the scanners in multifunction devices. Getting one of those working with a slug would be way too cool. A kernel module (and an updated libusb?) may be needed.
    • A second vote for a working scanner server on Unslung (or perhaps just a proper HOWTO?). Currently sane-backends exists, but doesn't seem to work - I get a message stating that it has been compiled without libusb support (even though it depends on libusb and I have libusb installed). - cyrxi
    • Definitely scanner server would boost the nslu2 capabilities
    • I had similar messages, but it works now, at least on my QNAP TS-109.
  • darcs - Decentralized revision control system, based on a "theory of patches"
  • Boxbackup server - An open source, completely automatic on-line backup system for UNIX. Using a slug for automated network backups without having to dedicate an entire computer to it would be nice.
  • MatrixSSL - PeerSec? Networks MatrixSSL?™ is an embedded SSL implementation designed for small footprint applications and devices.

Network / Communication

  • aiccu for the syno-e500 feed, so it could work on synology diskstation 110+ and other MPC8533E? devices
  • Asterisk : Add the res_srtp.so module to the Asterisk 1.8 package
  • eGroupWare(approve sites)
    • #2 vote for a groupware server, either egroupware or citadel
  • Citadel Groupware server Citadel Groupware Server
    • #2 vote for a groupware server, either egroupware or citadel
  • hellanzb - For easy NZB Downloading and Unpacking (it even checks PAR files if necessary)
  • Openswan - IPsec for Linux implementation, to build (cross-platform) IPsec tunnels - probably easy to build an Oleg ipkg package since there is already an Openwrt package
    • Second vote for Openswan. IPsec? is about the only thing we can't do!
    • 3rd vote for OpenSWAN?
    • 4th vote, but it seems kernel does not have xfrm_register_mode enabled. so it needs a kernel upgrade. PLEASE !!! 2010-05-30
  • FHEM - Home Automation Server based on FS20? Protocol - FHZ 1000 Home Automation device
  • rsh-server - Remote execute commands on the NSLU - use dropbear or openssh instead
  • sendmail/postfix/exim/qmail - Mailserver - sendmail/postfix are available as ipk
  • Courier or UWimap - IMAP server - cyrus-imapd is available as ipk
  • Squirrelmail - Webmail Client. Requires PHP - no package needed - just install a web server (e.g. appWeb) + PHP and unpack the Squirrelmail tar...
  • HylaFax - Faxserver
  • NNTP-server, a small one like leafnode or a more complex like inn.... - leafnode is available as ipk
  • AX25 kernel modules and tools.
  • UPnP Server, Linux SDK for UPnP Devices, compatible with Dlink Media Player that supports MPEG1/2/4, AVI, VOB, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, JPG, GIF, BMP, etc.
  • PPPoE - Use DSL-Modem directly on device.
    • a second vote for PPPoE
    • a third vote for PPPoE
    • a fourth vote for PPPoE
  • PPP USB Dialup Modem Support
  • FreePOPs - POP3 server providing access to webmail accounts.
    *2nd vote -FreePOPs? -- Adamo
  • TeamSpeak, Ventrilo or Mumble for Group-Voice-Communication Server
    *2nd vote -Teamspeak -- Blindrain
    *3rd vote -Teamspeak -- Simbo
  • XS-HTTPD - a replacement for thttpd with proper SSI support, etc. and none of the complexity of Apache!
  • TinyProxy - A lightweight HTTP proxy.
  • gpsd GPS Server
    • Vote for GPSd? - battery powered slug could record position/time over long periods (more points than hand held device's usual 1000s)
  • A patched version of ctorrent like: http://customctorrent.ifreepages.com/
  • support for Plextor's ConvertX video capture device.
  • mysql-dev The MySQL Open Source Database System ver 4.1.16 for unlung not openlsug
  • libmysqlclient-dev The MySQL Open Source Database System for unslung compatible with ver 4.1.16 mysql
  • libmysqlclient14 The MySQL Open Source Database System for unslung compatible with mysql ver 4.1.16.
  • MySQL 5
  • ps2client - allow a network attached Playstation 2 to access files on the NAS, to be used with SMS to play mp3 and DivX on the PS2.
    • I second this vote. Tried to built it myself but can't get it to work ok. (Some complaints about ./configure in the .mk file). I used the SVN src: svn://svn.ps2dev.org/ps2/trunk/ps2client ps2client.
    • SMS can access SMB shares on Slug since v2.0Rev1. Makes ps2client obsolete.
  • Mixminion - anonymous remailer (somewhat similar to Tor, very easy to use)
  • Oreka - is a modular and cross-platform system for recording and retrieval of audio streams like VOIP/SIP.
  • iR Shell + nethostfs - Network Host File System Server for the Playstation Portable(PSP).

Allows streaming of files on a pc with the psp over wifi nethostfs15src Linux source

  • a new/patched version of rtorrent (fix the display "0" all the time issue and the 2 throttling issues)
  • a new version of siproxd. Current ver. is 0.5.10 from 01-Feb-2005. Missing host_outbound feature.
  • TOR(approve sites) v.
  • [http://www.nch.com.au/pbx/pbx.tar.gz] VoiP? PBX with web interface

Network Monitoring

  • Would be nice if MySQL support was enabled in snort builds (or perhaps provided as a separate add-on package that enabled it in the standard build)

Programming Languages

PHP extensions

  • soap extension (nusoap eats memory alot)
  • mcrypt extension + libmcrypt library
  • gettext (without it, horde won't work / nor will this caldav server: http://rscds.sourceforge.net/)
  • second vote for gettext support, so phpldapadmin will work fine !
  • php-sqlite extension <s>(There is one for mysql, but not for sqlite - preferably linked against sqlite v2 for adodb compatibility - this would still maintain compatibility with sqlite v3)</s>
    • There is a php-sqlite extension for sqlitev2, but it is NOT compatible with v3. I would like v3 support.
  • PHP with SNMP and working socket support

Perl extensions

  • Thread - Multithreading support for Perl
    • 2nd vote for Perl Multithreading! (needed for OzymanDNS?)

Misc tools

  • swish-e - File Indexer, so we can index a lot of HTML-files. I have successfully compiled and installed the software using the information doing crosscompiling from this site. I am not very familiar with svn, so I haven't committed it into the package repository. Maybe I will do it later.
  • rar/unrar UnRAR ipkg will be made available thanks to free decoder source at http://www.rarlabs.com
  • P2P-Radio Server so we can create our own radio server
  • KaiStation Add Kaistation becuase we all don't have a wrt54g and it would be good to connect with out a pc http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=36
  • Mirrordir - file synchronization tool
  • boinc-client core client for the BOINC distributed computing infrastructure
   * A second vote por boinc-client

File Editor/IDE

  • vim 7.4 with HUGE features and python 2.7, but of course, no gvim.

Packages that have been built and tested ok are on the Unslung Packages page.

Please consider making a donation to the project if your wish has been fulfilled.

Fulfilled wishes:

  • aMule 2.2.2 http://www.amule.org/
  • Truecrypt - Open-source and platform-independent disk encryption software. Package added for mssii, it requires 2.6.5+ kernel.
  • apcupsd - www.apcupsd.org, making it possible to monitor attached UPS over ethernet instead of a USB port. - package ported, please test.
  • pyOpenSSL - Python interface to the OpenSSL? library.
  • added tls-support to postfix
  • gs-esp || gs-gpl - Ghostscript interpreter. The unified ghostscript 8.60 (which supercedes esp-gs and gpl-gs) is in the feed.
  • cups-pdf - to enable "printing" to a virtual pdf printer - i.e. creates a pdf file by pressing Print
  • Analog - WWW logfile analysis
  • libgmp - py-crypto (and hence py-bittorrent) depended on this package, but it wasn't in the repository
  • libxml2 - This is a requirement for php-apache, recovered
  • Now ECL (Embeddable Common Lisp) is in the package feed.
  • gnuplot - equation/function plotter
  • gphoto2 in the latest version for broader camera support
  • Thomas Heller's ctypes would be really nice to be able to access libusb from Python. - bzhou note: ctypes requires libffi ffi_closure support which the ARM port does not have, ds101g (powerpc) now has py-ctypes package, ARM and MIPS platforms do not.
  • aMule-web amule package ported, but lacks testing
  • GnuPG - PGP-compatible public key encryption and decryption.
  • sshd compiled with tcpwrappers support. Without that, the denyhosts package has no meaning.
    • to get denyhosts to work 1. ipkg install tcpwrappers 2. touch /etc/hosts.deny 3. ipkg install denyhosts
  • Erlang - Erlang is available as ipk in the cross feed!
  • unison File synchronizer
  • rTorrent - it looks more complete than ctorrent (monitoring of a folder, interactive, multiple downloads) but lighter than python-bittorrent.
    • a second vote for rtorrent v0.5.x. (v0.3.x is in the repository, but it's too old)
    • #3 vote for rtorrent v0.5+
    • An updated version (v0.7.8+) would be nice
  • Sysstat Monitoring package - Sysstat is available as ipkg
  • MRTG cjones: Created natively compiled package. Will commit to CVS soon. Having a few .configure issues with cross-compile support email: chrisj.at.zyx.com for early details.
  • FreeRADIUS the premiere open source RADIUS server. Used for authenticating users on wireless routers (802.1X), dialup routers, VPN and more. freeradius is recently back in the feeds, it needs testers - this version is NOT compatible with Vista clients
  • RRD Tools This ipkg seems to already exist. (Config files also in cvs)
  • Net SNMP to use with the above (Package available).
  • php curl extension
  • Ffmpeg - for capturing from /dev/video into mpeg
  • Serial terminal - microcom
  • ARPWatch the ethernet monitor program; for keeping track of ethernet/ip address pairings,
  • http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/keychain - The keychain script makes handling RSA and DSA keys both convenient and secure.
  • Netatalk - AppleTalk replacement for SAMBA
    • a second vote for Netatalk
    • another vote for Netatalk
    • 3rd vote for Netatalk
    • 4th, vote for Netatalk
  • DansGuardian would be nice. I managed to get SquidGuard running on my FSG-3, but DansGuardian has a contentfilter. Compiling DansGuardian on my FSG-3 ends with segmantation fault and crosscompile ends with 'malloc' not declared. As I'm no developer I'm stucked.
  • http://openobex.sourceforge.net/ - openobex so we can run obexFTP and friends on top of BlueZ.
  • Iperf - For measuring TCP and UDP bandwidth performance.
  • Snort Open-source Intrusion Detection System, can also make use of MySQL
  • KisMet for automatic, quiet, low-power wardriving
  • Icecast - mp3 and ogg streaming server
  • inadyn Daemon for updating domains at dyndns.org
  • PureFTPd - Secure, IP masking, easy to setup, many options, chrooting, SSL/TLS encryption, LDAP authentication if you want, "Beginners can install a PureFTPd server in 5 minutes" (from the docs), etc. ProFTPD is available and should provide much of the same functionality.
    • Second for pure-ftpd
  • mldonkey EDonkey2000 Client, fulfilled as a native package on nslu2 unslung. Currently built as byte code (/opt/bin/mlnet.byte).
    • 10 votes for mldonkey
  • md5deep - compute message digests on an arbitrary number of files.
  • BTPD - Bittorrent Protocol Daemon - http://www.murmeldjur.se/btpd/
  • bridge-utils - hosting a bridged vpn on ds101g using openvpn. About linux bridging, Source Files
  • open2300 - a software to read the values from a ws2300 weaterstation, best for wl500gP http://www.lavrsen.dk/twiki/bin/view/Open2300/WebHome
  • eject, this is especially of interest to deactivate USB devices. "busybox eject"
  • Fuppes SVN-578 (Free UPnP? Entertainment Service) [http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=141999]
  • FreeRADIUS - We need a new version of FreeRadius (1.1.3 or above) so Vista clients can also connect.
                  - Packages for optware feed syno-x07 would be nice :-)
  • SABnzbdplus, the continued development of the NNTP binaries leecher SABnzbd?. More stable and versatile than its predecessor.
  • mt-daapd: at the moment only the old 2.1 version of mt-daapd is available for SlugOS or Openslug. N newer version of mt-daapd (aka firefly) would be appreciated.
  • gphoto2 and libgphoto2 - latest version - v2.4.1 - to fix a bug that is causing remote control of my camera from nslu2/unslung to fail.
  • mediatomb UPnP? AV server with transcoding feature (>v0.11.0) for D-Link DNS-323 Download Page
  • Bacula(approve sites) - Bacula Network Backup, Storage Demon
  • Boost I would really like to see this package become awailable for an unslung box ( optware_nslu2_cross_stable ? )
  • dbus-python to support scanning for hp devices
  • mkvtoolnix http://bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix - Cross-platform tools for Matroska
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