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A BitTorrent library, also includes some sample programs.


On the slug enter:

    ipkg update
    ipkg install libbt

Note: there is a missing dependency on libuuid.so.1, provided by e2fsprogs


  • btget - to retrieve torrents
  • btcheck - check the torrent
  • btlist - list the content of the torrent

More info http://libbt.sourceforge.net

Question: Using btget I am able to start downloading a torrent file which works fine, the problem is that as soon as I exit telnet, the process dies. I also tried using & which allows me to use the telnet console but the process still exits after the telnet window closes. How can I start btget and shut down my PC (telnet session) and just let btget run on its own? This is probably a general LINUX question. Thanks.

Ok, I found out that I need 'nohup' or something like it. Does that exist for the NSLU2?

bwalle: Of course does nohup exist, it's in the "coreutils" package.

'Screen' is the solution so it seems :) See KeepRemoteConsoleSessionRunning

The bash has a built-in feature for that: $ help disown disown: disown [-h] [-ar] [jobspec ...]

    By default, removes each JOBSPEC argument from the table of active jobs.
    If the -h option is given, the job is not removed from the table, but is
    marked so that SIGHUP is not sent to the job if the shell receives a
    SIGHUP.  The -a option, when JOBSPEC is not supplied, means to remove all
    jobs from the job table; the -r option means to remove only running jobs.
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Based on work by Chris Lord, japher, Anonymous, bwalle, Oli, and tman.
Originally by perlguru.
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