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The ipkg web package installs a web page "http://<your slug>/Management/package.cgi" on your slug. This web page shows:

  • All the packages and version in the repository
  • The version of the installed packages
  • A link to install or update the package

ipkg-web is shell script which runs as cgi script. It is slow but a little faster if it can use bash. So i recommend to install bash (ipkg install bash).

There is a second page "http://<your slug>/Management/sluginfo.cgi" which gives a lot useful information for trouble shooting.

The positive feedback showed me that such a page is useful.

Fullfiled wishes:

  • Delete option for installed packages
  • Update of the package database
  • Fixed bug "No such file /tmp/list"
  • Selection option for package names and status
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Based on work by Reedy Boy, marceln, Patrick Schneider, Jeremy, and janne5011.
Originally by marceln.
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