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extract-xiso is a creation/extraction tool for Xbox dvd images (ISO files). The official page is here.


To install, use the following commands:

ipkg update
ipkg install extract-xiso

This will add the extract-xiso binary into /opt/bin/


  • Create Xbox iso files from existing local files, or remote files available via ftp
  • Extract Xbox ISO images into a local or remote target.
  • Optimize existing ISO images for faster seek times.


    extract-xiso [options] [-[lrx]] <file1.xiso> [file2.xiso] ...
    extract-xiso [options] -c <dir> [name] [-c <dir> [name]] ...

  Mutually exclusive modes:

    -c <dir> [name]     Create xiso from file(s) starting in (local or remote)
                          <dir>.  If the [name] parameter is specified, the
                          xiso will be created with the (path and) name given,
                          otherwise the xiso will be created in the current
                          directory with the name <dir>.iso.  The -c option
                          may be specified multiple times to create multiple
                          xiso images.
    -l                  List files in xiso(s).
    -r                  Rewrite xiso(s) as optimized xiso(s).
    -x                  Extract xiso(s) (the default mode if none is given).
                          If no directory is specified with -d, a directory
                          with the name of the xiso (minus the .iso portion)
                          will be created in the current directory and the
                          xiso will be expanded there.


    -d <directory>      In extract mode, expand xiso in <directory>.
                        In rewrite mode, rewrite xiso in <directory>.
                        This option is required when extracting to an ftp
    -D                  In rewrite mode, delete old xiso after processing.
    -h                  Print this help text and exit.
    -f <ftp_server>     In create or extract mode, use <ftp_server> instead of
                          the local filesystem.
    -m                  In create or rewrite mode, disable automatic .xbe
                          media enable patching (not recommended).
    -p <password>       Ftp password (defaults to "xbox")
    -q                  Run quiet (suppress all non-error output).
    -Q                  Run silent (suppress all output).
    -u <user name>      Ftp user name (defaults to "xbox")
    -v                  Print version information and exit.


  • Extract an ISO image into a local folder (creates a directory with the same name as the iso file)
    extract-xiso backup.iso
  • Extract an iso file to a remote ftp target (files will be extracted to
    extract-xiso -f -d /f/ backup.iso
  • Create an iso from files in the local directory /backup
    extract-xiso -c /backup
  • Create an iso called backup.iso, from files availablge via ftp at
    extract-xiso -f -c /d backup.iso
  • Optimize and re-write an existing iso for better seek times
    extract-xiso -r backup.iso
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