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ccxstream is a streaming media server for xbox media center.

Why use ccxstream when XBMC supports SMB? I dunno. It feels faster than SMB. I've also noticed stutters in video playback over SMB on high-bitrate videos, and I don't seem to have those problems with ccxstream or xbms. Besides, it's how my xbox is already configured, and I wanted to move stuff off my dedicated pc server to a NSLU2. :)

To make this all work, you'll need a modded xbox with Xbox Media Center loaded, and have installed the ccxstream package.

The ccxstream package is set up such that the share called "DISK 1" is the path that is shared as the root directory of the ccxstream server. This directory was chosen because it fit nicely with the directory used for mt-daapd. If you have mt-daapd set up already, then you probably have a directory called "mp3" in the "DISK 1" share with all your mp3 files. I'd suggest making additional folders inside "DISK 1" called "video" and "pictures". These folders will contain the media you want to stream to your xbox.

If you want to use other directories than the recommended ones, you'll need to edit the /opt/etc/init.d/S75ccxstream file on the NSLU2. You'll need to edit the line that looks like this:

/opt/sbin/ccxstream -r /share/hdd/data/public -u guest -f -F /var/run/ccxstream.pid

You'll probably be interested in changing the path after the -r option. You can read the /opt/doc/ccxstream/README file for more detailed explanations of what all the command line options are.

In any event, once that's done, then you will need to edit your XboxMediaCenter.xml file on the XBOX side.

In the "video" section, add a stanza like this:





Add similar sections (only pointing to /mp3, and /pictures) in the music and pictures section. Fire up XBMC and enjoy!

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