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This torrent program has the advantage of limiting the upload speed. Ctorrent needed this functionality for me to consider it. I use this program in conjunction with the screen program. That way I can have multiple downloads running on multiple "screens". I can detach myself from a screen, logout, log back in and check on my download using screen -R. This program uses quite a bit of memory. I usually don't have more than 2 things downloading simultaneously because more than that will make the bittorrent client crash with memory errors and your download will stop.

I use the following commands:
screen # this creates a new screen to work with. You might need to install this program if you do not already have it.
bittorrent-curses --max_upload_rate 10 <torrent File> # in the new screen I start a throttled download

from here you can use control + D (or control a + d) to detach the screen. You could then completely log out and have your torrent remain downloading. then log in and type screen -R to reattach the screen. You will see your torrent still going. You can look up more of the wonders of using screen online.


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Based on work by Stefan and Mark.
Originally by Mark.
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