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If you want to try the Asterisk VoIP PBX without going trough the hassle of configuring it from the scratch, you can start with this sample configuration and you will have Asterisk running on the Slug in minutes.


  • configuration for 3 free soft phones (Xlite, MS Instant Messenger and Firefly)
  • configuration for 2 popular Analog Telephone Adaptors (Grandstream HT-286 and Sipura SPA-3000)
  • voice mail
  • call forward (unconditional, busy, no answer)
  • connect to Free World Dialup
  • connect to GizmoProject
  • make outgoing VoIP long distance calls using VoipJet
  • connect to PSTN (using the Sipura SPA-3000)
  • make ENUM lookups and make direct free VoIP calls if possible before using toll providers
  • automatic redirection of VoIP incoming calls to voice mail during the night


  • It is assumed that you have already installed the asterisk and asterisk-sounds packages.
  • Download asterisk_1_2_sample_slug_config.tar.gz from the Files section of the nslu2-asterisk yahoo group http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/nslu2-asterisk/files/config_unslung/
  • Unpack it and copy the files from the sample_slug directory on the slug in /opt/etc/asterisk

You probably want to adjust some configuration parameters like:

  • the caller ID and secret for the soft phones
    in sip.conf, section [xlite1] and [ms1]
    in iax.conf, section [firefly1]
  • the caller ID and secret for the ATA
    in sip.conf, section [ht286], [sipurafxs1] and [sipurafxo1]
  • your GizmoProject number and password
    in sip.conf, edit the following register command:
    register => GizmoNumber:passwd@proxy01.sipphone.com/GizmoNumber
  • your VoipJet password
    in iax.conf, edit the [voipjet] section
  • set your user name and the caller ID to your VoipJet number
    in extensions.conf section [voipjet-out]
  • your FWD number and password
    in iax.conf, edit the following register command:
    register => FWDNumber:passwd@iax2.fwdnet.net
    In extensions.conf set the values of FWDNUMBER, FWDCIDNAME and FWDPASSWORD.
    You have to enable IAX on your FWD account http://account2.freeworlddialup.com/index.php?section_id=97
  • set the realm to your host name or domain name in sip.conf

Phone setup

      see instructions

Dial Plan

  • soft phones:
    401 - xlite1
    402 - ms1
    403 - firefly1
  • analog phones:
    405 - sipurafxs1
    406 - ht286
  • voicemail
    80 - voicemail mailbox
    81 - voicemail system
  • outgoing FWD:
    5+<FWD number>
  • outgoing GizmoProject:
    9+<gizmo number>
  • call forwarding:
*00* cancel all active call forward
*21*<number> - activate call forward unconditional to <number>
*20* deactivate call forward unconditional
*25* query status of call forward unconditional
*22* activate call forward unconditional to voicemail system
*41*<number> - activate call forward busy to <number>
*40* deactivate call forward busy
*45* query status of call forward busy
*61*<number> - activate call forward no answer to <number>
*60* deactivate call forward no answer
*65* query status of call forward no answer
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