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  • Starts up a DHCP server by default - will be fixed in a future image. In the meantime, just set options ignore 1 in the config interface lan section of /etc/config/dhcp to disable the dhcp server on the lan interface.
  • Changing the host name via the web interface doesn't work. Don't know why yet. Just edit /etc/config/system manually.
  • Installing packages via the web interface doesn't work since there is no ipkg.sh in /www/cgi-bin/webif. Just install manually with "ipkg install" from commandline. Webif2 is still under heavy development, and we just have to live with something not being done yet.
  • swap was not enabled in 7.07 firmware. Kamikaze 7.09 did not solve this issue, but later release includes swap.
  • /sbin/usb-storage is not executable. Use chmod uog+x /sbin/usb-storage to make it mounting automaticly.
  • Ticket #1945: /etc/rc.d/K* script doesn't run due to /etc/init.d/rcS running in background https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/1945#comment:4
  • package repository is no longer located at http://downloads.openwrt.org/kamikaze/packages/armeb

add http://kamikaze.openwrt.org/7.09/packages/armeb/(approve sites) instead

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Based on work by Walter Vos, ChristophHuber, wimpunk, oleo, ByronT, drone, Federico, and rwhitby.
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