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Preamble for OpenSlug

If you are using OpenSlug, before attempting to run ipkg, install or use a package, or update the list of packages, make sure that you have installed a hard drive or memory stick and "turnup" to it. Failure to do so may fill your NSLU2's internal Flash RAM with too much data and not allow it to reboot. To recover, follow the Recover From A Bad Flash process.

What are Packages?

In general, packages are commonly-available software programs that we have simply ported to the NSLU2. The effort to do this work is provided by the volunteer NSLU2 Linux community.

If you have a question on how to use a particular package, please use Google or something to search for the general documentation about the package before asking questions that are not specific to the NSLU2 port of the package. For example, Google "man tar" for information on how to use the "tar" application.

First Steps

  1. Make sure you've turnup to an external hard drive or USB memory stick.
  2. ipkg update
  3. ipkg install unslung-feeds (this is the url of the feed you would like to include)
  4. ipkg update

How To Use ipkg

You can update your ipkg database on the slug with ipkg update and ensure you have the latest (and greatest?) versions with ipkg upgrade.

To check out a list of available packages, use ipkg list.

To see the packages you already have installed, use ipkg status.

To install a new package, use ipkg install <package name>.

The complete package list is also available here.

The package format is compatible between the all versions of the Unslung firmware. Some packages have also been ported to the Asus WL-series of wireless routers.

If you have problems downloading ipkg updates and your slug is behind a router, via the webinterface advanced -> LAN make sure gateway setting is correct.

Package Sources and Locations

The Unslung package repository can be found at http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/ipkg

To find ipkgs that have already been made : http://ipkgfind.nslu2-linux.org

Package descriptions are at http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/ipkg/Packages Natively compiled (unslung-feeds) package descriptions are at http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/unslung/native/Packages

These packages require you to be running the Unslung firmware (which is currently in beta testing, and can be built from source, or downloaded from the NSLU2 SourceForge project area if you want to help with the beta testing).

Can't Find A Package You Want?

If there is a package you would like that is not part of unslung already, you have two options: You can contribute it yourself (to learn more, see AddAPackageToUnslung). Or you can add it to the PackageWishList and hope that someone else provides it.

Found A Bug?

If you find any problems with the packages, please report them to the nslu2-linux mailinglist.

Please search the wiki to see if your problem is a known problem with a workaround.

In the chance that the problem might be fixed with the help of the package maintainer, come to the IRC channel and politely ask for help. You can also Browse the IRC Logs.

The easiest way to find a maintainer is to look at the cvs log - "cvs log make/foo.mk" - for package foo. This will tell you who originally checked in the package and who has modified it since. The usernames in the cvs log are @users.sourceforge.net addresses.

Specific Package Details

More details are available for the following packages: Note: [g2] just playing around with formatting

Stable StatusUnstable StatusPackageRevisionDescription
BrokenCompilesApache?1.3xxPopular heavyweight web server
UnknownUnknownappWeb???Embedded Web Server
  • Asterisk - Open Source VoIP PBX System
  • Bash? - Bourne Again SHell
  • BitTorrent? - packaged as py-bittorrent, btdownloadcurses.py works.
  • BusyBox
  • ccxstream? - Media streaming server for Xbox Media Center
  • cpio - CoPy In/Out file archiver
  • crosstool-native? - Bootstrap toolchain including GCC 3.3.5, Glibc 2.2.5, Binutils, and Linux 2.4.22 headers.
  • ctorrent - C++ BitTorrent client.
  • CUPS - CUPS printer system.
  • diffutils? - GNU Diffutils
  • distcc? - Distributed C/C++ compiler
  • DnsMasq? - DNS and DHCP server
  • findutils - File find utility
  • FreeRadius? - An opensource Radius server
  • less - Less is more file pager
  • libbt? C BitTorrent library with sample downloader.
  • m4? - GNU macro preprocessor
  • make? - GNU make tool
  • mc? - Midnight Commander File manager
  • MediaWiki? - The Wiki software used to run Wikipedia
  • Mt-daapd? - iTunes Server
  • mutt - text mode mail client
  • MySQL? - The most popular Open Source SQL Database
  • Nail? - Mail client
  • Nano? - Pico like Editor
  • ncftp - A user friendly FTP client with background spooling.
  • Nfs-utils? - The recommended NFS server
  • Ntpclient - Network Time Protocol client
  • Nethack? - Greatest RPG of all time
  • OpenSSH - the recommended SSH server
  • patch? - GNU patch
  • phpMyAdmin? - Web-based administration for MySQL
  • postgresql - A highly-scalable, SQL compliant, open source object-relational database management system
  • proftpd? - Highly configurable and feature packed FTP server
  • python? - An interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
  • samba? - Samba 3.0.14a-4 on Unslung 4.2x beta
  • ser? - SIP Express Router
  • scponly? - Allows users to access the slug with SCP, but not with SSH
  • sudo? - Run commands as root
  • svn? - Subversion version control system
  • tar? - Heavyweight version of the tape archiver
  • unfs3? - User-space NFS V3 server (not recommended - use nfs-utils instead)
  • vsftpd? - Fast and secure FTP server
  • webalizer? - server stats program.
  • wizd - Server software for a few different hardware media players.
  • X11? - X Windows for your slug. No display hardware in the NSLU2 so it's remote access only.
  • xinetd? - Highly configurable and secure inetd replacement
  • xmail? - An easy(ish) to use mail server

Todo: please add details of other packages

NOTE: The complete package list is available here.

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