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noip - to update dynamic IPs? at www.no-ip.org

tcpdump - to capture/sniff TCP/UDP packets

Dovecot: secure IMAP and POP3 server http://www.dovecot.org (http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/optware/nslu2/cross/unstable/dovecot_1.0.alpha1-6_armeb.ipk)

PHP5? as a DSO plugin for Apache

groff, for man


appweb --a small footprint web server; currently available for unslung

sdparm and hdparm (esp sdparm, to see if usb drive spindown works)


cryptoloop modul ( modprobe aes ; modprobe cryptoloop ; losetup -T -e AES256? /dev/loop4 /dev/hda3 ).

++cryptoloop module. Apparently according to http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Cryptoloop-HOWTO/userspace-tools.html we also need to have the util-linux package patched to get this working.

mc - midnight commander (openslug 2.7 ipkg doesn't exists :-( )

i run OpenDebianSlug. built kernel moduls from slugos 3.8 sources for xfs/devmapper to be able to run xfs on lvm2. using ftp.armeb.net userland it works great. request would be to add modules to default build. i think lvm obviously makes sense for network attached storage. maximum tested fs support as well. ie. change in slugos-3.8-beta/openembedded/packages/linux/ixp4xx-kernel/2.6.16/defconfig as follows:


modules ipk for 3.8 at: http://lefant.net/files/openslug/

I currently use PPTP Client 1.7.1 - http://pptpclient.sourceforge.net/ - in conjunction with a Thomson ST 585 ADSL2?+ modem to establish a PPPoA?-PPTP relay link to my ISP.

PPTP 1.7.1 is the only version of PPTP Client that works reliably on the SLUG. I've only being able to successfully compile PPTP natively on the NSLU2 (OpenSlug 3.10). The PPTP client works well; but triggers the Slug's alignment trap: if the data structures were properly aligned then PPTP would be more efficient. I am surprised that PPTP Client is not included in OpenSLUG?.

Squid please? an https proxy and a SOCKS proxy.

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