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OpenSlug -- Alpha Release 1.0

Thoughts on 27 Nov 2004 ([g2])

Intermediate Goal (next couple weeks to end of the year 2004)

To run the python, perl and linux test suites for both uClibc and glibc and gcc tests with glibc or uClibc. Publish the results and write-up a how-to on the Wiki. The main reason for this is to verify the operation of the sw on the NSLU2 under the GCC 3.4.2 compiler and uClibc/glic.

Initial Milestones

Modify the openslug-image to do the following:

   1. If a configure file (/.slugtest_r1) exists on the jffs2 / partition, then
   2. modify the current openslug-image to optionally load the Intel Ethernet modules and usb/ehci/scsi modules and mount 2 partitions on the hard disk/flash as follows: a)sda1 (ext3) as a /mnt/sda1, initially, b) sda2 as swap
   3. if a file exists on /mnt/sda1/.slugtest_r1_configured then
   4. bind mount /mnt/sda1/usr onto /usr
   5. mount /mnt/sda1/openslug_ipk as /ipk
   6. have the /etc/ipkg.conf file set to src unslung file:///ipk, or copy the file to be that ways
   7. have a full development set of development ipkg's ready to be installed or already installed including: 

   * busybox-1.0
   * bash 
   * binutils 
   * coreutils 
   * diffutils 
   * gawk 
   * gcc 
   * grep 
   * libc6-dev 
   * make 
   * sed
   * wget (maybe just from busybox)
   * lsof 
   * strace
   The auto* tools are a possibility
   * fdisk and mkswap are possibilities for natively setting up the usb 2.0 hd

   1. Be able to natively build perl and python and the full test suites. 

I'll be writing up steps to set up this scenario.

First task is to get all the drivers loaded at startup and check for an external disk and mount it and the swap partition. A small script for seting up the test partition may be added to the jffs2 partition. It's simply the following: The disk is assumed to be formatted in two partitions, the first and ext3 partition, the second a -v1 swap partition

rm -rf /mnt/sda1/usr

cp -ar /usr /mnt/sda1/usr

mount -o bind /mnt/sda1/usr /usr

   1. Add commands to change the /etc/ipkg.conf file to point src to file:///mnt/sda1/openslug_ipg 

touch /.slugtest_r1

Thoughts and comments are appreciated.


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