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Ok this is a quicky... OpenSlug (as of 2.7beta) has got the syslogd.conf set to log to "buffer". The "buffer" can be accessed using the "logread" command.

If you enstead wish to have a "real" logfile change your /etc/syslog.conf to look something like this:

root@jabba:~# cat /etc/syslog.conf
DESTINATION="file"              # log destinations (buffer file remote)
MARKINT=20                      # intervall between --mark-- entries
LOGFILE=/tmp/messages           # where to log (file)
REMOTE=loghost:514              # where to log (syslog remote)
REDUCE=no                       # reduce-size logging
#ROTATESIZE=0                   # rotate log if grown beyond X [kByte] (incompatible with busybox)
#ROTATEGENS=3                   # keep X generations of rotated logs (incompatible with busybox)
BUFFERSIZE=64                   # size of circular buffer [kByte]
FOREGROUND=no                   # run in foreground (don't use!)

I have it going to the /tmp directory so it ends up on a ramdisk and doesn't write to my flash stick. You can put it anywhere you like. There are security reasons not to have it readable by mere mortals.

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