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OpenSlug specific HowTos

This page contains the OpenSlug specific HowTos.
There is also a page containing the common HowTos. Also check the SlugOS Howto's

OpenVPN Walkthrough on setting up a very secure Tap Mode VPN Server.





Hotplug This page describes how to run a program or script when a (USB) device is added or removed.

InstallNFS Describes how to install and configure NFS.

InstallWinTVPVRUSB2 Describes how to install a Hauppage WINTV PVR USB2 TV card.

EventsOnMediaCardInsertion How to generate events when a media card is inserted into an installed USB card reader.

AddaUPSwithAPCUPSD Protect your Slug from power loss by adding a APC UPS with Smart monitoring.

AddExternalCDROMorDVD Add an External CD/DVD ROM drive.

RecordCDROMandDVD Record CD/DVD ROM's.

cherokeeWebServer Install and configure cherokee web server with php.

InstallWatchdog Install Watchdog

InstallImageMagick Install ImageMagick, use convert for inserting text into an image.

TurnupMemstickSyslog How to use syslog if using turnup with a Memstick (USB-Stick).

StartupOptProgram How to Startup an /opt program from /etc/init.d

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