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Based on "donations wanted" I am interested/willing to provide a compilation and result upload service for OpenSlug. Based on what will come out of this i will be able to be more precise on "how much" i can offer (maybe there is the possibility of several installations like mine that then will be used round-robin ?). This shall document what has to be done. Similar setups could draw from this.

Non native

My assumptions are these:

- There will be an automated update from devel repository to get the latest status. This is at fixed times or will there be a mechnism for developers to trigger ? Using which technique to trigger ?

- A or a set of bitbake runs will be initiated.

- The packages and(?) (compressed) bitbake logs will be written to XXX via XYZ using BLABLA security measures.


My assumptions are these:

- There is a native build OE repository (same or different ?) ?

- This needs to be updated likewise non native.

- Compile runs will be triggered instead of timed.

- The slug will probably, have to report its status to somewhere since times are lenthy and one wants to know what's going on.

- It takes a slug with serial port and an USB disc (NFS possible?)

- It will likewise non native run bitbake.

- It will write likewise non native the results to some resource on the net.

For triggering compilations i could imagine files to touch on sourceforge server whose existence is verified by the compilation server in defined intervals. Onc eit appears it starts the update/compilation/upload process. During the process it might signal is state in another file. Once finished it deletes those files.

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