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Adding packages to SlugOS

This is a brief note on how to add a new package to OpenSlug. You might also want to read AddAPackageToOptware.

There are two different scenarios, depending on whether you want to add an already existing but not tested package or whether the package that you want to add is completely new. Each scenario is described in a different section.

Adding an already existing package

This is the case if the package is listed in the openembedded/packages directory but is not present yet in the feed. This means that the basic work is done (e.g. the bitbake files are there).

In this case you need to add the package to openembedded/conf/distro/slugos-packages.conf After doing that (and of course source setup-env), you can issue the command bitbake <package> to compile the package. Preferably this is done by cross-compilation.

After installing the generated package can be found in tmp/deploy/ipk. Install it on your slug and test your work. If there are problems fix and test them until everything is ok.

When everything is fine go to the #openslug channel on irc.freenode.net and ask how to submit your package.

Adding a completely new package

Adding a complete new package is more complicated. You'll need to create a directory in openembedded/packages for the package and carve the required .bb files, add patches etc. etc. Probably the quickest way to start is to look at a similar package and copy and adapt its files.

After doing that of course you still need to build and test the package as outlined in the step before. Again you might find help in #openslug channel on irc.freenode.net

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