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If you find yourself not able to get sources because a site is down there is a workaround:

In build/conf/local.conf to use the tarball:

  • Find the line that mentions CVS_TARBALL_STASH
  • Ensure it isn't commented out
    CVS_TARBALL_STASH = "http://www.treke.net/oe/source/"
  • the cvs tarball stash is what pulls the tarball
  • CVSDATE is what tells it not ot try to get *TODAY*s tarball, but instead the last version the mirror has.

Some other packages have been temporarily mirrored at http://nslu.sf.net/downloads and http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/downloads

If you download a package manually because of a misconnection during bitbake'ing, copy the package file and it's corresponding .md5 over to: /home/slug/downloads

If the site is there but the package isn't:

You may also experience errors in the build because the packages/somepackage/somepackage_x.y.z.bb file specifies a specific version or cvs snapshot that is no longer available on its source site (though newer versions may be). For example, the unzip-5.51 package is no longer on its site, but unzip-5.52 is available.

In this case, you can work around the issue (at some small risk of the newer package breaking something, or of complicating future bk pulls) by visiting the source site for that package (listed in the messages during the build, and also contained in the somepackage_x.y.z, identifying the version number of a later snapshot, and changing the name of (a copy of) the somepackage_x.y.z.bb file to reflect the new version number. (BitKeeper considers everything in the .bb filename between the underscore "_" and the .bb to be a version identifier. Move the original file to someplace bitkeeper won't see it to avoid confusion.) At this point, you should be able to rerun the build and have the new package successfully download and build.

If the package downloads but won't build, look in the somepackage_x.y.z.bb file to see if the version part of the source filename is hard-coded into any file or directory names; it may be necessary to adjust these as well if you see weird errors when building that package (such as "make: unix/Makefile: no such file or directory"). If the file or directory name contains ${PV}, that gets replaced with the version part of the .bb file name.

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