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This script sets up your environment for building with oe.

Save this script as 'oe-env' and then 'source oe-env' to get ready to use OE.

Note: You *must* source it instead of running it.

 # sample oe-env script - 'source oe-env' to use this environment.
 # NOTE:
 # In this example, I have a dir in my home directory called 'src/', where I
 # do all my development work.  In this dir I
 # have downloaded the 'oe/' and 'packages/' tree from the BitKeeper
 # repository, and I have manually "mkdir'ed" the oe_downloads/ dir.
 # The setup looks like this:
 #       /home/user/src/oe/                    <- main OE dev
 #       /home/user/src/oe/                 <- oe/ system bk tree
 #       /home/user/src/oe/packages/           <- packages/ bk tree
 #       /home/user/src/build/              <- where *ALL* builds occur
 #       /home/user/src/oe_downloads/       <- oe dl's stuff here
 # CHANGE 'user' to whatever your username is!  Also, be sure to carefully
 # check the DL_DIR value in your $OEBUILD/conf/local.conf file ...
 # - where does openembedded live?  i.e. where did you 'bk pull oe' and 'bk pull packages'?

 # - where is the OE system dir?

 # - where do all the packages live?

 # - where will *ALL* builds be occurring?

 # - the path OE will search in order to find "$OEPATH/conf/*.conf" files.  Yes, thats what this path is for.
 #       [NOTE: OE's *.conf files are -all- supposed to be in a dir named 'conf/' within these dirs ...
 #              OE prepends 'conf' itself when looking for these files, so we don't do it ... strange but true ...]

 # - add the oe/bin dir to this shells' path - without this, you get no 'oemake' or 'oebuild' or 'oecommander'...

 # change to the build dir

 # Blank this so we don't link non-arm libraries

 # Don't export TARGET_ARCH - it *will* cause build failures

 # Stop multi byte characters breaking the patcher stuff - This is for Redhat / Fedora people really
 export LANG=C

 # Stop C Type problems that you will see with packages like libpgp-error
 unset LC_CTYPE

 echo Environment set up for OpenEmbedded development.
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Based on work by rwhitby and ka6sox.
Originally by ekpneo.
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