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Instructions for using oe to build a system:

  • nslu2.conf is the MACHINE conf.
  • unslung.conf and openslug.conf are the DISTRO confs.
  • The kernel (nslu2-linksys or nslu2-openslug) is normally selected in the machine conf, but because we have two kernels to choose from, it is selected in the distro conf for us.

That's the kernel.

Now for ramdisks:

  • nslu2-linksys and nlsu2-openslug have no impact on the ramdisk.
  • There is a meta package called bootstrap-image, which depends upon task-bootstrap, and tells oe to make an image out of the ipks that task-bootstrap builds.
  • Task-bootstrap builds the same set of bootstrap packages, irrespective of what machine or distro you have selected.
  • If you want a distro conf to change that then you need to add stuff to the openslug.conf file to tell task-bootstrap to make some additional packages so that bootstrap-image can include them in the ramdisk. Thats the BOOTSTRAP_EXTRA stuff. DEPENDS is compile-time and RDEPENDS is run-time. Basically, if something needs to be built in order for another package to compile, that's DEPENDS ; if you want something to appear on the final disk image, that's RDEPENDS.
  • If you want both the kernel and the ramdisk to be built, you hit the bootstrap-image target
  • note that openslug.conf already uses BOOTSTRAP_EXTRA_DEPENDS to make sure the kernel is built first


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