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I've got "bk push" working on Windows XP - validating BitKeeper's ability to run on Windows XP in developer access mode. The problem with getting BitKeeper to run with Windows XP is that it does not natively have a SSH client. That's ok because there are several good SSH clients for Windows. The SSH client that I use is PuTTy. These directions are then for using PuTTy? to do the SSH authentication for BitKeeper.

I have also been told that CygWin? with CygWin? OpenSSH? "just works." However, I was unable to get it to work. The following directions are for getting BitKeeper to work in conjunction with PuTTY?.


Pieces to complete the puzzle:

  1. BitKeeper needs RSH/SSH client.
  2. Automatic authentication with that SSH client.
  3. ***** Saved SSH session with correct settings.

BitKeeper needs RSH/SSH client.

BitKeeper expects ssh to be available as a command line executable. No amount of wrangling with environment variables will otherwise convince BitKeeper that you have an SSH client unless it can find ssh.exe. So after making sure that you have PuTTY? installed (the full install), do two things: put the PuTTy? folder into your PATH, and copy plink.exe in the PuTTy? folder to ssh.exe.

Automatic authentication with that SSH client.

If your SSH private key has a password (authentication phrase), you're going to need to have Pageant running to intercept the plink request for the password. Fire up Pageant and "Add Key" to add the appropriate key for plink to use.

Saved SSH session with correct settings.

This really was the sticking point for me.

Fire up PuTTy?, in "Session" category, in the "Host Name" area, put "nslu2-linux.bkbits.net", and make sure SSH Protocol is chosen. Now click on "SSH" under "Connection" in Category, and click "Don't allocate a pseudo-terminal" [You miss this and "fahgedaboudit"]. Then click on "Auth" under Category, and in the "Private key file for authentication:" choose the private key corresponding to the one given to the developers for access. Finally, click back on the "Session" category, and put in "nslu2-linux.bkbits.net" in Saved Sessions box and click Save button. The session name is as important as the rest, and without EVERY correctly filled out, developer access simply will not work.

BK Send issues

Bitkeeper shows it's *nix roots again! It is expecting a command line sendmail transport mechanism. Unfortunately, this is not obvious as the "bk send" simply completes without error. I found blat - http://www.blat.net/(approve sites) - that provides the needed transport mechanism for windows. Once you have properly configured blat to communicate with your smtp server, bk send should work properly.

Credit for getting this to work should FULLY go to Rick at BitMover? for patiently answering my questions (which he didn't have to) and then going the extra mile and figuring out the last portion of the above.

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