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You can view our project at http://nslu2-linux.bkbits.net:8080/openembedded/src?nav=index.html(approve sites)

Get BitKeeper

If you want to participate, you first have to get your local copy of BitKeeper from http://www.bitkeeper.com/Products.Downloads.html

Anonymous checkout

Warning to dialup users! The download started by the bk clone process is approximately 120MB [as of 2005-02-04].

To get an anonymous checkout of the current development repositories, we suggest to do the following things:

First create a directory "/home/slug". Next step into "/home/slug"

and do the following:

 bk clone bk://nslu2-linux.bkbits.net/openembedded openembedded

Note: Do not interrupt the download (clone) process or you most likely will have to start over. I have found no way to resume the clone process.

This creates the "openembedded" directory in "/home/slug".

To update this directory later (and get the latest changes from the repository) type:

 cd openembedded
 bk pull
 bk -r co -q
 cd ..

If either of the pull stages fails, and you get errors such as "ChangeSet writable but not edited?" or "Entire repository is locked by: RESYNC directory." then you need to fix the RESYNC directory to get around this before trying again:

 bk -r check -avf
 bk resolve

Developer access

To be eligible to be considered for developer access to the repositories, you should make yourself known on the #nslu2-linux channel on irc.freenode.net and have contributed at least one changeset (ask one of the other developers there to push it for you).

First, you need to generate an SSH key of type "rsa1":

 ssh-keygen -t rsa1

The key will placed in:


Contact "rwhitby", "jacques", "[g2]" or "dyoung" on irc.freenode.net #nslu2-linux and ask them to add your key. Once this has been done, you have to checkout the repository differently, something like this:

 bk clone bk://nslu2-linux@nslu2-linux.bkbits.net/openembedded openembedded
 cd openembedded
 ... edit ...
 bk citool
 bk push

Manager access

To be eligible to be considered for manager access to the repositories, you will need to be well-known in the #nslu2-linux IRC channel, and have contributed quite a few changesets. You will also need to have demonstrated expertise in BitKeeper administration. We only need a couple of managers for redundancy reasons, so don't be offended if your request is denied.

When you are a manager, you can do

 ssh nslu2-linux.adm@hostme.bkbits.net

and all the other cool stuff mentioned at http://www.bitkeeper.com/Hosted.Managing.html

BitKeeper and Windows XP

Instructions for getting BitKeeper to run with Windows XP are found here. In particular, these instructions are for using the BK Win32 client in conjunction with PuTTy? SSH client.

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