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CPU is RDC R3210-G

SATA Controller is Silicon Image SiL3512ECTU128

RAM is 32MB V54C325616VDI6

Flash is JS28F640P

Serial Console Port at JP1

CPU Info

The RDC R3210-G CPU is a RISC-based SoC (system-on-chip) that executes the i486 instruction set. Data sheet (brief) here: http://www.rdc.com.tw/Uploads/datasheet/R3210_Mbrief_20061121.pdf.

According to the RDC page on the OpenWRT website, the R3210-G is functionally equivalent to the R8610-G but "32" represents the commercial version whereas "86" represents the industrial version. Full datasheet of the R8610-G here: http://wiki.openwrt.org/RDCPort?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=R8610-G_D01_20051207.pdf (on the OpenWRT) website where someone is working on a port for the R8610).

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