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 Manage aliases kept in FLASH memory
   alias name [value]
 Set/Query the system console baud rate
   baudrate [-b <rate>]
 Manage machine caches
   cache [ON | OFF]
 Display/switch console channel
   channel [-1|<channel number>]
 Compute a 32bit checksum [POSIX algorithm] for a range of memory
   cksum -b <location> -l <length>
 Display (hex dump) a range of memory
   dump -b <location> [-l <length>] [-s] [-1|2|4]
 Execute an image - with MMU off
   exec [-w timeout] [-b <load addr> [-l <length>]]
        [-r <ramdisk addr> [-s <ramdisk length>]]
        [-c "kernel command line"] [<entry_point>]
 Manage FLASH images
   fis {cmds}
 Manage configuration kept in FLASH memory
   fconfig [-i] [-l] [-n] [-f] [-d] | [-d] nickname [value]
 Execute code at a location
   go [-w <timeout>] [entry]
 Help about help?
   help [<topic>]
 Set/change IP addresses
   ip_address [-l <local_ip_address>] [-h <server_address>]
 Load a file
   load [-r] [-v] [-d] [-h <host>] [-m <varies>] [-c <channel_number>] 
        [-b <base_address>] <file_name>
 Compare two blocks of memory
   mcmp -s <location> -d <location> -l <length> [-1|-2|-4]
 Fill a block of memory with a pattern
   mfill -b <location> -l <length> -p <pattern> [-1|-2|-4]
 Network connectivity test
   ping [-v] [-n <count>] [-l <length>] [-t <timeout>] [-r <rate>]
        [-i <IP_addr>] -h <IP_addr>
 Reset the system
 Set/Read MAC address for NPE ethernet ports
   set_npe_mac [-p <portnum>] [xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx]
 Display RedBoot version information
 Display (hex dump) a range of memory
   x -b <location> [-l <length>] [-s] [-1|2|4]
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