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UpSlug is written in C. You need to compile it with GNU C Compiler. These instructions are good for Linux, BSD, commercial SysV-compatible Unix, and under Windows with either Cygwin or MSYS.

First, you should install CVS, GCC, and GNU Make. Then open a command line shell, create a directory named something like slugtools, change directories there, and checkout the upslug module with CVS:

mkdir slugtools
cd slugtools
export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sf.net:/cvsroot/nslu
cvs login
[when it asks for a password, leave blank and just press enter]
cvs -z3 co upslug

If this fails try "CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@nslu.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/nslu". Change directories to upslug, compile by entering the command "make upslug" (without the quotes)

cd upslug
make upslug [or gmake in BSD or commercial SysV Unix, or just cc -o upslug upslug.c]
note: upslug as found in CVS only compiles on Linux boxes. Wim Lewis has ported revision 1.16 to *BSD by making it use libpcap and (optionally) the pcap_inject() call found in recent libpcaps. This version of upslug is built as upslug-pcap. This version does not work on Linux, but should work fine (perhaps with a little extra porting) on other operating systems.

This should create a program called upslug in there. Copy it to /usr/local/bin if you like. Make sure your PATH contains /usr/local/bin or whatever directory upslug is in.

[enter root password]
cp upslug /usr/local/bin

Now comes the fun part :-) The following link has very good instructions on how to get the NSLU2 into the bootloader, where you can flash the ROM with relative ease (the web-based update has never worked reliably with any of my three slugs).


I use the perl script provided in that page, it's not failed me once. Copy and paste the perl script into a file named telnet_redboot.pl, then save it in /usr/local/bin

Then shut off your NSLU2 unit, and get ready to run the script

telnet_redboot [don't press enter yet]

Press enter at the same time you turn on the NSLU2!

Once you have telnetted into the NSLU2 RedBoot, then do the following:

type the command upgrade

RedBoot> upgrade [enter]

The NSLU will stop responding to the keyboard, and the top LED will flash red. That's OK, it means it's ready to be flashed. Quit telnet by typing Ctrl-] then at the telnet> prompt, type quit or exit (Windows's telnet uses quit, most Unix use exit).

Then run upslug

 upslug -u [unslung-image-filename-goes-here]

CAREFUL: DO NOT type -U <-- uppercase u. BIG MISTAKE!!! (unless you have JTAG cables and embedded systems experience)

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Based on work by Phil Endecott, jbowler, tman, wiml, tjyang, and rwhitby.
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