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Semiconductor parts list

NumberPart number or markingSide of PCBFunction
U3RTL8201CPFront10/100 Ethernet PHY
U4HN1264VFrontEthernet transformer array
U6LM358FrontDual op amp
U8EM639165TSFront8Mx16 DRAM
U10EM639165TSFront8Mx16 DRAM
U11X1205FrontReal-time Clock
U1228F640J3Front4Mx16 Flash memory
U13VFBackSwitch debouncer
U14A32LBackLED driver
U1574HC74BackPower-on latch
U16FP5452BackDual switching regulator
U17D720101Front5-port USB2 hub
Q1N51W, N5K2FrontP-MOSFET, power switch
Q2S1A 35FrontNPN bipolar, disables power to Q11
Q3N53WFrontP-MOSFET, power switch to U6 & U13
Q55K2, N5K2FrontP-MOSFET, power switch
Q6N51W, N5K2FrontP-MOSFET, switching regulator
Q9N5K2FrontP-MOSFET,switching regulator
Q10S1A 35, 04 5DBackNPN bipolar, drives Q5 gate
Q11TS809CXEBackProcessor reset IC, drives HC74 CL
Q12S1A 35BackNPN bipolar, drives buzzer
Q13S1A 35, 04 5DBackNPN bipolar
D1 FrontUnknown
D4SK34Front3A Schottky rectifier
D7LED bicolorFrontReady/status indicator
D8LED greenFrontEthernet indicator
D9LED greenFrontDisk 2 indicator
D10LED greenFrontDisk 1 indicator
D11SK34Back3A Schottky rectifier
D13 BackUnknown
D14 FrontUnknown
Y125MHzFrontEthernet PHY clock
Y3 FrontAlternate CPU crystal (not fitted)
Y432kHzFrontRTC clock
Y533MHzBackCPU oscillator
Y630MHzFrontUSB clock

U1,U2,U5,U7 do not exist and were presumably in earlier versions of the design.

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